Paleo Success Story: Competitive Drive

paleo success story - lindsay

It’s one thing to read about why eating Paleo foods and living a Paleo lifestyle is great for you.  It’s another to constantly see the changes that people just like you are achieving.  “Success” is bracketed because it’s different for everyone, and in the end, it’s all about the journey rather than the destination. This guest post is from Lindsay

Like everybody else, I’m pretty busy.

I work a full-time job, I’m attending school at night to get my MBA, and I try to fit in regular Crossfit workouts.  Oh…and life happens, meaning that something else seems to come up every day.

Trying to fit eating better into my life has not been automatic, then, but it has been amazing.  This is my “success” story.

About Lindsay

My name is Lindsay, and I’ve been pretty strictly Paleo since January 2013.  I’m in my late 20s, live in Pittsburgh, and am married with no kids.

Growing up, I played a lot of sports, from basketball to softball to soccer.  But as I started working and going to graduate school, my activity level dropped off quite a bit, and my diet was certainly less than ideal.

Why I Went Paleo

In 2012, I started Crossfitting.  I’ve always loved sports and physical activity, so I immediately loved Crossfit.
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21 Easy Paleo Mayo Recipes

21 Easy Paleo Mayo Recipes

I didn’t discover the joy of mayo until late in life. I was always a ketchup girl myself – ketchup on burgers, hash browns, sausage, etc. It was the perfect (yet unhealthy) sauce to sate my sweet tooth when eating meat and potatoes as I was growing up.

Mayo has a much more subtle flavor and goes well with such a greater variety of foods. Also, so many amazing sauce derivatives use it is as a base; I never realized how often I was eating it and just calling it something depending on one or two different ingredient from the standard.

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Clean 15 Foods

clean 15 foods

If you’re looking to buy conventional produce rather than organic produce (to save money or because you don’t have much organic produce available where you live), then these 15 foods are the best ones to go for in terms of low pesticide residue.

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How to Convince Your Family to Eat Healthier (and that you’re not crazy)


Getting healthy, losing weight, and sticking to a diet of real food – these tasks are difficult for most of us in the best of circumstances.  However, if you’re also struggling to either convert or just gain the support of your spouse and/or kids, then everything suddenly seems a lot harder.

Have you ever wondered how much easier it would be if your entire family was actually excited about making better and healthier food and lifestyle choices?  What if it were your entire family and all of your friends?  How easy would it be in that case for you to make better choices and decisions about your health?

I’m here to tell you that not only is that situation possible, but I’ve seen thousands of people do it.  And most of those people started out thinking that their families were too stubborn, too unsupportive, or just too lazy to ever care about their health.

And even though everybody’s situation is different, you can use the same approach to get your family on board with eating and living healthier.  There’s a formula for how to do it.

My Story

My wife, Louise, is a very successful health author, blogger, and speaker, and she runs one of the 2 magazines that we own (Healthy Recipes Magazine).

When you read that, you might be thinking, “Wow, Jeremy was really lucky to find someone who is so excited about and interested in health.”
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