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Russ Crandall writes that his life was “pretty boring” until 2005. Then, he had stroke at age 24, caused by something his doctors never figured out.

Recovering from that, just a few years later, he was facing a rare autoimmune condition that narrows the pulmonary arteries. With rotating hospital visits, major surgeries and after being put on some scary drugs, he was looking for other forms of help.
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41 Mouth-Watering Paleo Pizza Recipes (+Primal Pizza Recipes included)

Best Paleo Pizza Recipes

Ah pizza, your favorite treat for a birthday party, slumber party, after party, any occasion really…

There are tons of options for Paleo pizza and our favorite bloggers have all the best ideas. Also for Primal people who allow a bit of cheese in their diet, we have a ton of great Primal pizza recipe ideas as well. Check it out!

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GIVEAWAY! Win Livin’ Spoonful Paleo Crackers, worth $60.90!

Giveaway! Win Livin' Spoonful Paleo Crackers

A few years ago when I lived in Seattle, I traveled down to Portland on the weekends to explore the awesome food truck scene and Oregon’s great outdoors. I loved the vibe in Portland – a little hippie, very healthy, and most of all, conscious. That’s the best way I can think of to describe the people and lifestyle there.

Livin’ Spoonful – the coolest company in Portland

I recently found out about Livin’ Spoonful, a company that embodies everything I love about that great city in the Pacific Northwest. Master Sufi teachers Jim and Sue teach people about the mind-body connection through spirituality, yoga and raw food. Since way back in 2002, Jim and Sue have been making their Livin’ Spoonful Paleo crackers with love, dedication and expertise. I really appreciate when a company’s values are wholesome and in line with helping and healing and I’m excited to say we’ve teamed up with them for a great giveaway!

Win healthy and delicious Paleo crackers

One lucky winner will get two sets of Livin’ Spoonful variety packs (7 different flavors, 14 packs total). Check out Livin’ Spoonful‘s website to learn more and if you you just can’t wait to get your hands on these delicious crackers, you can always order them online!

Enter below to win Livin’ Spoonful Paleo crackers worth $60.90!

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32 Delicious Paleo Salad Dressing Recipes

Best Paleo Salad Dressing Recipes

Salads are great, but without a good dressing, you’ve just got a pile of raw (well, occasionally cooked) veggies. I’m often appalled by what goes into those store-bought dressings, so I’ve made a habit out of making my own. Luckily several genius Paleo-friendly food bloggers have figured out how to turn those classic dressings like ranch and caesar into ones that we can all enjoy!

The following list also includes some delicious vinaigrettes and other types of dressings. Here are our favorite Paleo salad dressing recipes!

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