Coconut Lime Soda

coconut lime soda - paleo drink recipes

I’ve been enjoying coconut water a lot over the past few months (it’s just such a great summery drink), and you might have suspected this because we’ve been publishing quite a few coconut water related posts recently: is coconut water paleo, the health benefits of coconut water as well as my coconut water green smoothie recipe.

But, I have been concerned about the high sugar content (even though it’s natural sugar) in coconut water. That’s why I came up with this easy coconut lime soda – it dilutes the coconut water a bit with soda water (making it even more refreshing) and the lime juice is tasty and could help to prevent spikes in blood sugar.
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Are Peas Paleo?

Are Peas Paleo?

When I first switched to a Paleo diet, I was often confused about which foods were or weren’t Paleo.

After just a few weeks, though, I felt pretty comfortable judging foods without going back to a book or website.

However, there are certain foods that confused me for a long time, and one of those foods was peas.

After all, peas are a legume, and legumes like beans are off-limits on a Paleo diet, right? (See this article for why legumes are not Paleo).

However, I was right to be confused, since there’s a lot more to this story…
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GIVEAWAY! Win Laughing Fox Chocolates

Win Laughing Fox Chocolates

Autumn is starting and you know what that means– pulling out the winter coats, snuggling by the fire, and… comfort foods! Chocolate is everyone’s guilty pleasure. Chocolate truffles, well, they’re just too good to feel guilty about! And Paleo chocolates?! Even more reason to go guilt-free and choco-crazy.

We previously interviewed Devin Plaut, the mastermind behind this Paleo delicacy, revealing his secret recipe. If you never got around to making your own chocolate truffles, you can find his truffles for sale at the Laughing Fox website. You can also enter to WIN a free pack of chocolates directly from Laughing Fox in this week’s giveaway! There will be one lucky winner so don’t miss this chance…


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