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$1 Weight Loss – 15 Books including 2 of My Favorites

Jeremy Hendon | January 19
weight loss buck books

One Thing…

That’s often all it takes to make a HUGE difference in our lives. And it’s the same for weight loss.

Although losing weight requires getting a lot of things right (eating well, removing pathogens, being active, etc.), it’s often the right tweak that will make everything easier and quicker for you.

That’s why I definitely encourage you to check out…

The $1 Weight Loss Book Event

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For one day only (Tuesday January 20th), 15 awesome weight loss books will be just $1 (and you can buy them all directly from Amazon).

$1 Weight Loss Books

Honestly, I haven’t read all 15 of these books. However, I’ve read quite a few, and you don’t need to get them all.

Here are my favorites:

  1. Perfect Health Diet. This is Paul Jaminet’s book on everything nutrition. Paul is one of the smartest and least-biased health writers I know. And that means that his book offers some of the best advice around on getting healthy and losing weight.
  2. Foodist. Darya Pino Rose is another of my favorite people. Also incredibly smart, Darya focuses on ways to make eating and living healthy as practical and easy as possible. Her book (Foodist) was chosen by the Editors of as one of the best books of 2014.
  3. The World’s Greatest Weight Loss Secret. This, of course, is my own book. And although I’m normally humble about it, this is actually an excellent book on getting your family and friends on board, which is perhaps the biggest key to making your own life and weight-loss journey easier.

The event is being hosted at, and you can see the full list of $1 weight-loss books by clicking here.

Or, if you just want one of the 3 books above, then you can go directly to and find them.