About Louise

I was born a month premature and spent quite a while in an incubator. I’ve been told that I looked like a “kitten” and no one thought I would live over a year!

From my mum’s stories, it appears that I subsisted on watermelon juice instead of milk as a baby! Not really off to a nutritious start, but it sure fostered a life-long love of watermelons.

Growing up, I ate a fair amount of whole foods, with plenty of seafood. My mum cooked a lot, and everything she cooked was delicious and fresh!

But I hardly ever ate beef and really disliked burgers! I always got the Filet-O-Fish at McDonald’s…

Everyone kept telling to drink more milk when I was growing up in England. I had to drink it at school, and my mum would always make me drink a glass of HOT milk before she would left me leave the house in the mornings. I did not enjoy it.

What I did enjoy were cookies. When my mum wasn’t at home, my dad and I would eat an entire tin in front of the TV for dinner.

It wasn’t long before I became a chocolate addict (although I rarely ate it naked!).

My favorite after-school snack was cheese on toast (literally what it sounds like…). It’s made by placing shredded (white) cheddar cheese on top of a piece of bread and cooking it in the oven.

Throughout school and college, I played a fair amount of sports. I wasn’t ever that good at anything, but I enjoyed the team aspect of sports.

My favorite sport was badminton, and I played it until I busted my right shoulder and both my knees a few years ago.

I started drinking coffee during high school, but switched to tea during college. I love tea (esp. black tea with milk)! I could write a book about the joys of tea, and one of my favorite quotes is “Where there’s Tea, there’s Hope.” However, I am sensitive to caffeine and have to limit myself.

College was definitely a pot-pie era for me. Some friends still recall “dinner” at my place being frozen chicken pot pies that would be shoved into the oven when they arrived. I’m sorry!

College wouldn’t have been complete without the pot noodles and instant ramen phase! This phase might have lasted a bit too long for me…omg, so delicious!

I became calorie conscious in my last year of college and read the nutritional panel of every food in the supermarket for its calorie value (much to the annoyance of my housemates, who had to go shopping with me). I was always hungry and also rather miserable.

When I first moved to the US, I became enamored with fine dinning and ate out practically every meal.

Not much to say about law school except that it was a free pizza fiesta!

A lifetime of eating badly was starting to show…I had gained fat, started suffering from severe allergic reactions, and was prone to terrible stomach aches. I decided to try going low carb but made the mistake of starting right before a final.

I had knee injuries from badminton but convinced myself somehow that I would be able to train and run a 10K. I managed it, but injured my knees further. I now refuse to run.

I started low carb again after my initial failed attempt. I discovered that I love cooking and experimenting with recipes.

I started blogging at LoCarbolicious.com about various low carb/paleo recipes and related issues (including a post about tea!).

I realized after a while that I had switched to eating a Paleo diet!

I started blogging here at Ancestralchef.com about all my Paleo eats.

My first iPad e-book was published, which you can download for Free onto your iPad here.

I started crossfit to regain those toned arms I used to have and to build strength in the hopes of avoiding new injuries!

Finally, tired of having to cook just about every meal and leading a hectic life, I decided it was high time someone produced some delicious grain-free foods. And so I co-founded Louise’s Foods in early 2012.

What’s Next?

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