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Louise Hendon

Louise is on a lifelong journey to heal her body. She refused to try Paleo for a long time, but once she finally did, she never went back. She's cured her heartburn, IBS, and exhaustion problems and is constantly looking out for more ways to improve her health.

Louise is the co-founder of Paleo Living Magazine, and she writes about recipes and all things health. When she's not running Paleo Living Magazine, she loves to read mystery and fantasy books, traveling to different countries, hiking, and taking too many photos (you can see her travel photos on

Louise is also the author of 2 books, which you can buy on Amazon, 30-Minute Paleo Dessert Recipes and The Autoimmune Cookbook.

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Labor Day Weekend Giveaway! WIN Grass Fed Jerky Chews

Win Sophia's Grass Fed Jerky Chews

Just because Summer is ending doesn’t mean the fun is over!

We’re teaming up (again!) with Sophia’s Survival Foods to give away a variety pack of this healthy and delicious snack to two lucky winners! We are huge fans of this product (we reviewed it last year) and now Sophia’s Grass Fed Jerky Chews are back, helping us celebrate Labor Day – the Paleo way!

Up for grabs is an assortment of 2oz packages containing each of the four flavors of jerky chews: Original Flavor, Mild, Spicy, and Chipotle Raisin. The contest ends on Labor Day at midnight so don’t miss out! And if you just can’t wait, you can also order them by clicking here.


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Post by Lucha: World traveler turned culinary student, Lucha will try most food but prefers Indian, Thai and Mexican food above all else. She is currently either cooking, eating, grocery shopping, or browsing recipes on Pinterest.

49 of The Best Paleo Chili Recipes

Best Paleo Chili Recipes

I was always mystified by chili – that warm and spicy Tex-Mex stew that seemed to have plenty of unrecognizable bits and bobs floating about in a spicy tomato soup sauce.

I couldn’t believe it the first time my friend’s mom showed us (the morning of a Big Game Day of course) just how easy it was! Using tomatoes, spices and your choice of filling, customizing a dish to your liking–or based on what you’ve got in the cupboard–just doesn’t get more straight-forward than this.

And I know what you’re thinking. Chili without the beans? What’s a Paleo eater to do? Behold the best bean-less chili recipes this side of the border!

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Paleo BBQ Brisket Recipe [Slow Cooker/Crockpot]

paleo bbq brisket recipe in the slow cooker (crockpot)

I love putting my crockpot to work while I sleep (it’s not even my crockpot as my friend Fiona lent it to me for the summer in Edinburgh) – I think there’s a sense of satisfaction that magical things are working to create my meal while I do nothing.

Maybe it’s just me, but effortless meals like this Paleo Slowcooker BBQ Brisket always seem to taste more delicious because of the lack of sweat and tears involved in preparing the meal!
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AIP Coffee – Review of Roasted Chicory Root Coffee

aip coffee substitute roasted chicory root

One of the questions I get asked the most about the autoimmune Paleo protocol (AIP) is what can I drink if I can’t have coffee?

Coffee has become so entrenched in our habits that we’ve become addicted not only to the daily dose of caffeine it offers us but also to that aromatic smell that wakes our senses every morning. So, what do you do if you’re starting AIP and have to forgo coffee for 30-60 days if not longer?

A reader emailed me about chicory root coffee a while back, but I didn’t see it for sale until a few weeks ago. So, I decided to give this naturally non-caffeinated AIP-compliant “coffee” substitute a try.

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Giveaway! Win The Paleo Diet™ Bar

win the paleo diet bar

I realized recently that I have a subconscious fear of being hungry.

Not just being hungry, but feeling bad it about because I know I haven’t planned better so as not to be. For example, I run out of time at the end of a stressful day and I can’t muster the energy to cook for tomorrow’s lunch pack. Or I get stuck in a meeting that goes a few hours longer than expected and I leave running like a madwoman to the nearest corner store.  I mindlessly grab for an unhealthy bite of whatever is within reach and later curse myself for not having done something to prevent this situation.

Enter The Paleo Diet™ Bar: a nutritious, Paleo-friendly bar that can be grabbed for an on-the-go snack or strategically placed in the car, work desk, or inside pocket of my gym bag. That way I don’t have to break any healthy habits and I can feel good about being busy while still being able to nurture my health (and hunger) without any last-minute jolts to the snack aisle.

We’ve teamed up with The Paleo Diet™ Bar company to give away a box of 12 bars each to five lucky winners! So you too can prevent unhealthy snacking…


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More About The Paleo Diet™ Bar

The Paleo Diet™ Bar was started by Shauna and Todd Sledge and is exclusively endorsed by Dr. Loren Cordain (many of your probably started Paleo after reading The Paleo Diet by Dr. Cordain). It’s packed with fruits, nuts, protein (from egg white and hemp), and coconut oil!

The bars come in 2 flavors currently – Cranberry Almond and Cinnamon Raisin – and they’re currently developing the next flavor. In fact, you can go and vote for what the next flavor will be on their website!

And if you’re in a hurry to get some of these bars, then you can purchase them directly here.

The paleo diet bar cinnamon raisin

The paleo diet bar cranberry almond

Post by Lucha: World traveler turned culinary student, Lucha will try most food but prefers Indian, Thai and Mexican food above all else. She is currently either cooking, eating, grocery shopping, or browsing recipes on Pinterest.

Disclaimer: Paleo Braaap LLC (The Paleo Diet™ Bar) provided the prize for this giveaway. Links on this website may be affiliate links.

Spinach and Pancetta Saute Recipe

paleo spinach pancetta saute recipe

One of the benefits of being back in the UK is the ability to pick up cheap tea, pate, and even pancetta in local small grocery stores. Apparently pancetta is an essential ingredient in the UK! But if you can’t find pancetta easily, then just use bacon instead for this recipe. [Read more...]

Everyday Paleo Thai Cuisine – Paleo Cookbook Review

everyday paleo thai cuisine sarah fragoso paleo cookbook review

Book Title:

Everyday Paleo – Thai Cuisine
Click here if you’d like to purchase this book.

Book Author:

Sarah Fragoso

Overview of Book:

If you love Thai food, then this book is definitely for you. It’s got everything from oyster sauce (page 58) to mango sticky rice (page 218) and green curry (page 136).

Sarah Fragoso of Everyday Paleo travelled throughout Thailand and her recipes are filled with authentic spices and flavors. There’s even a section at the end about her family’s travels through Thailand. I especially loved reading about the different cooking classes she took and the markets they visited (it really reminded me of my visit to India where I took 3 cooking classes in a week!).

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Keto Clarity – Book Review

Keto Clarity by Jimmy Moore Book Review

Book Title:

Keto Clarity
Click here to purchase this book.

Book Authors:

Jimmy Moore with Eric C. Westman, MD

Overview of Book:

This book has everything you need to know about being on a Ketogenic diet – from what is ketosis, answering criticisms of a ketogenic diet to how to make sure you’re producing ketones.

And if you’re wondering what ketosis is, then here’s a quick definition for Keto Clarity: “a metabolic state that happens when you consume a very low-carb, moderate-protein, high-fat diet that causes your body to switch from using glucose as its primary source of fuel to running on ketones.”

As Jimmy goes on to explain in more detail, “Ketones are actually the preferred fuel source for the muscles, heart, liver, and brain. These vital organs do not handle carbohydrates very well; in fact, they become damaged when we consume too many carbs.”

The diet that induces ketosis and ketone production is called the ketogenic diet (or often shortened to the keto diet).
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Giveaway! Win Harmless Harvest Coconut Water

win harmless harvest coconut water

My first experience of coconut water was as a child. My dad bought a whole coconut and attempted to crack it open with a large chopping knife…remember, this was before the days of Youtube and Internet!

Luckily that experiment didn’t end with any permanent damage – just a few scratches on the kitchen counter! Although, I think that’s why I was so happy when I finally found coconut water sold in convenient bottles and cartons at the store.

And Harmless Harvest Coconut Water is one of my favorites (you can read my review of it here). And I’m happy to also let you know that Harmless Harvest is giving away to each of two winners three coupons for 8oz bottles of their raw coconut water!

You can read more about Harmless Harvest‘s background and ethos on their website and find out where it is available in your area. And whether you want to try it out for the first time or already know and love it, don’t forget to enter our contest to win your very own Raw Coconut Water!


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How Healthy is Coconut Water?

Check out our articles on coconut water:
9 Health Benefits of Coconut Water
Is Coconut Water Paleo?

Disclaimer: Harmless Harvest provided the prize for this giveaway. Links on this website may be affiliate links.

Paleo By Season – Paleo Cookbook Review

Paleo by season by peter servold paleo cookbook review

Book Title:

Paleo By Season – A Chef’s Approach to Paleo Cooking
Click here if you’d like to purchase this book.

Book Author:

Peter Servold

Overview of Book:

Peter Servold was trained at Le Cordon Bleu and then worked at Restaurant Eugene in Atlanta, Georgia, focusing on farm-to-table dining. He now runs Pete’s Paleo, a Paleo food delivery service that ships to the entire US!

This book is based on cooking locally using fresh seasonal ingredients. There are over 100 recipes grouped by season (rather than by the traditional appetizer, mains, and desserts categories). The book has a variety of recipes and indicates the skill level required for making each recipe (one dot is easy and four dots is professional chef level).

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The Key to Making Paleo Chocolate Truffles – with Devin Plaut from Laughing Fox Chocolates

the key to making paleo chocolate truffles with devin plaut

One of my biggest weaknesses is chocolate. This probably started off during childhood…

I lived a few miles away from the Cadbury’s chocolate factory (which some claim is similar to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory), and ended up eating quite a lot of Cadbury’s chocolates. (The original story by Roald Dahl was partially inspired by Cadbury’s.)

But this post is not about me or my chocolates. This post is all about Devin Plaut and his drive to make delicious Paleo chocolate truffles.

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