Ancestral Chef (Louise Hendon)

Louise Hendon

Louise is on a lifelong journey to heal her body. She refused to try Paleo for a long time, but once she finally did, she never went back. She's cured her heartburn, IBS, and exhaustion problems and is constantly looking out for more ways to improve her health.

Louise is the co-founder of Paleo Living Magazine, and she writes about recipes and all things health. When she's not running Paleo Living Magazine, she loves to read mystery and fantasy books, traveling to different countries, hiking, and taking too many photos (you can see her travel photos on

Louise is also the author of 2 books, The Essential Paleo Cookbook, 30-Minute Paleo Dessert Recipes and The Autoimmune Cookbook.

Here are all of Louise's articles

Review of Steve’s Grass-Fed PaleoKit

Review of Steve's PaleoKit

If you find beef jerky too tough and dry for you, then give Steve’s PaleoKit a try!

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Interview with George Bryant – Civilized Caveman

george bryant featured image

George Bryant of Civilized Caveman is one of our favorite people in Paleo – he’s compassionate, down-to-earth, always willing to help, and, of course, he cooks amazing food (and takes beautiful photos of them)! And that’s why I’m sure you’ll love reading this interview we did with George.

In particular, his answer to question #6 is my favorite, and it’s something Jeremy and I agree with strongly!

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Fast Asian Vegetable Saute with a Side of Bacon [Paleo + AIP]

simple paleo and aip stirfry

I’ve been low on time this past week, and so I started creating 10 minute meals (start to finish) like this one.

Of course, if you have more time or energy, then go for the more complicated dishes, but if you’re looking for some super super fast and easy (and cheap) Paleo meals, then keep reading.

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Summer’s Here! – 51 of the Best Paleo Grilled Recipes

Paleo grilling recipes

I’m not sure what it is about grilled food that makes it taste so great.

In culinary school we learned about the Maillard reaction, the browning effect that happens to toast, coffee, and food on the grill. But I think there’s more too it than that.

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List of the Best Paleo Snacks of 2015 (15 You Can Buy + 27 You Can Make)

The Best Paleo Snacks

While you don’t have to eat any Paleo snacks on a Paleo diet, sometimes they can be essential to prevent you from falling off the diet!

And if you’re taking a long flight, a road trip, a vacation, or you often stay at the office late, then having some Paleo snacks around can be super helpful.

So, here’s our list of the best Paleo snacks for all occasions. There are 10 that you can buy from the store or from Amazon (in the US and sometimes Canada – we’ll put together a list of our best Paleo snacks that you can buy in the UK soon and also a separate AIP snacks list!), and there are also 27 Paleo snack recipes that you can make in under 30 minutes.

And if you’re looking for snacks for a long flight, then check out this list instead.

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Exercising On Paleo If Crossfit Isn’t Your Thing!

Exercising On Paleo if Crossfit isn't your thing

Kimberly is an Idaho native who loves pursuing her fitness endeavors in the great outdoors at every opportunity. She is a fishing and hunting enthusiast, and you can follow her on Instagram (@mrskimberlylandon, Twitter (@kimmylandon), or find her on Facebook–she’d love to hear from you!

A lot of people adopt a Paleo lifestyle at the same time as starting CrossFit, and this combination works great for many people in terms of losing fat and gaining more muscle.

But, what if, CrossFit just isn’t for you? *Gasp* That’s right, I said it.

What if you just can’t when it comes to WOD’s and snatches? Or what if the mere suggestion of working out in front of other people is enough to make you want to grab your snuggie, flip on Netflix, and let Parks and Rec calm your nerves for a few hours? Fear (nor hibernate) not— there are, in fact, a variety of exercises will boost the effects of Paleo living!

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Review of Paleo Meals To Go

review of paleo meals to go

Dawn, one of our readers, and her son recently started this amazing Paleo food company, and I was lucky enough to have gotten the chance to try her creations!

If you’re looking for easy Paleo meals to store at work, to take on flights, or even to take camping, then please read on.
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Garlic Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites Recipe (Paleo, AIP, Keto, Dairy-Free)

garlic bacon wrapped chicken bites recipe

One of my most popular recipes is my slow cooker bacon and chicken recipe, so I started thinking one day how else I could combine bacon and chicken into one delicious creation. And that’s how this recipe was born.

You might have already seen a version of this recipe that I guest posted on Mark’s Daily Apple, but here’s a version that’s even easier and completely AIP.

I call it Garlic Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites – super descriptive I know!

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19 Yummy Paleo Fruit Cake Recipes

19 Yummy Paleo Fruit Cake Recipes

I have a sweet tooth that can sometimes get me into trouble. A cookie here, a brownie there, and before you know it, I’m overindulging like there’s no tomorrow!

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Baked Eggplant Eggs with Puree of Eggplant, Clementine, and Basil

Baked Eggplant Eggs with Puree of Eggplant, Clementine and Basil

Eggplants can sometimes be a bit dull – they’re sort of soft, watery, and a bit tasteless. So, I thought I’d spruce them up a bit – especially when I caught sight of some heirloom eggplants (aubergines) that my mum had grown.

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Vanilla Persimmon Jello Dessert Recipe

Vanilla Persimmon Jello Dessert Recipe

I love getting more gelatin into my diet, and making a nice jello dessert is an easy and delicious way.

You can make jello in a variety of flavors, but for something different, why not try this persimmon jello recipe (or if you prefer more traditional flavors, here’s my berry flavored jello recipe here).
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