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Paleo Granola Breakfast Recipe

Louise Hendon | June 16

It’s always a hassle trying to think of what to eat for breakfast.  This is why it’s best to have super simple breakfast recipes!  The usual granola you buy at the store contains oats and a whole host of added sugars.  So, I like to make my own granola.  You can vary your granola depending on what dried fruits and nuts/seeds you like.  There are so many choices!


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Chocolate Covered Berries

Louise Hendon | June 8

Desserts can sometimes be tough on a paleo diet, but this one is not only delicious but also simple!  Simply place a chunk of dark chocolate (I like to use 99% unsweetened chocolate, but anything above 75% or 80% will be fine, especially for a treat) into a microwavable bowl. Note that if you’re not used to eating chocolates over 80%, they can taste very bitter. In fact, even people who enjoy very dark chocolates have trouble accepting 99% or 100%. It’s definitely taken me some time to start enjoying it!

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Super Quick Scramble

Louise Hendon | June 3

I feel like the weekend always zooms past, and even though I seem to spend a large portion of it cooking, I’m always left scratching my head as to what I should eat!  This Sunday morning, after lugging back a bunch of groceries, I found myself hungry but yet bereft of any quick and easy foods.  So, after perusing through my refrigerator, I reached the decision that a quick scramble with some eggs and veggies would be a good (and more importantly, QUICK) solution.  Also, I had just picked up some fresh berries so they would be perfect as “dessert.”

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Cantaloupe Hope

Louise Hendon | May 31

Yes, these are clearly delicious and great as a paleo snack. I like to prepare cantaloupe cubes by first slicing the melon in half, scooping out the seeds, then cutting them into slices before cutting the good melon parts off from each slice as cubes.

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