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Beyond Bacon Book Review – 3 Secrets to Cooking the Most Delicious Pork Ever

Louise Hendon | October 6
Beyond bacon book review

Book Title:

Beyond Bacon: Paleo Recipes that Respect the Whole Hog


Stacy Toth and Matthew McCarry (The Paleo Parents)

1. “A Pig is More Than Bacon” ~ Joel Salatin

Wait, isn’t Paleo all about eating Bacon?

I know that I used to think Paleo was just about bacon and eggs. But, I was quite wrong!

Not only is Paleo about so so so much more, but eating pork is about so much more too.

As Joel Salatin explains in the foreword of the book, a 200lb hog carcass only has about 25 lbs of bacon – that’s 175lbs of “beyond bacon!”

Maybe you’re like me, and you’re thinking “What the heck is ‘beyond bacon’??”

Well, here’s three of the many many creative and delicious recipes in this book:

  1. Shaken and Baked Pork Chops, made with rib chops, almond flour and spices.
  2. Huntsman Stew, made with pork heart, lard, pork stock, pork tails or trotter, a variety of vegetables, and spices and dark red wine!
  3. Caramel Praline Lard Fudge, made with lard, maple syrup, coconut milk cream, pecans, vanilla extract, and salt.

Beyond bacon book review

It that doesn’t get your mouth watering, then I don’t know what would!

2. Pastured Pork is Life-Changing and Cheap

What on earth is pastured pork? Is that like grass-fed beef?

I hate all the odd terminology about my meat – just tell me what I should eat! Instead, the meat industry just keeps inventing new words to make their same crappy meat sound more appetizing and expensive.

So, want to know what type of pork you should be eating? Then look for “pastured pork.” Those are the magic words!

Pastured pork is pork from pigs that were allowed to forage for food outside in ethical conditions (their diets will probably also be supplemented with other feed). So the pigs are happier and the pork is tastier and more nutritious!

beyond bacon book review

How can pastured pork possibly be cheap?

Yeah, I hear ya!

And that’s where buying from a local farm comes in – it’s often much cheaper and better for you to buy an entire pig. If you can’t eat it all, freeze it, and if you can’t freeze it all, share it! In the book, there’s a cut sheet and list of questions for you to consider when getting your meat from a farm and then getting it butchered.

Stacy and Matt were able to get a whole butchered pig for between $3 to $4 per pound (outside of butchering fees). That’s really good, considering I’ve never seen industrially-raised pork sold for less than $2 per pound (and that’s only at Asian supermarkets)!

So, now that you know how to buy your amazing pork, how do you cook it?

3. Eat it Pink

Were you brought up to think that raw pork was dangerous?

I know I still have to fight the urge to overcook everything, and my parents still even refuse to eat anything but well-done steaks!

So, imagine my surprise when I first ate a piece of pink pork! I was terrified I was going to have worms wriggling out of my eyes (I swear that’s what they taught me in biology class!).

But now, as Stacy and Matt explain, the USDA “recommends only a minimum internal temperature of 145F for all pork muscle meats, including roasts, tenderloins, and chops. This is the equivalent of medium rare for a steak.”

Pork chops and tenderloins will never taste the same once you learn to cook it pink – suddenly it’s moist and tender instead of that dry tasteless meat you used to cook. That’s how I cooked these really quick and easy pork tenderloins – click here for recipe!

paleo pork tenderloin recipe

What Else Is In This Book?

There is a ton more in this beautiful book (the food photography is insanely good!).

From making your own bacon and pancetta, to triple chocolate freezer fudge (how do you make that from a pig…), you won’t be disappointed.

beyond bacon book review

Let me know what you think of the book in the comments below!

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for free for review purposes. I received no other compensation, and this review is based on my own opinion. Note that some links on this page (and throughout this website) are affiliate links.