The #1 Cause of Acne and the Smart Way to Treat It

The #1 Cause of acne

There’s a lot of money being made in treating skin conditions.

From acne to psoriasis to rosacea to dandruff, skin conditions are big business. Your local grocery store quite possibly carries more skin care products than vegetables.

Having a lot of money around an issue like this is both good and bad. Take this recent article, for instance:
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Foam Rollers Help Decrease Arterial Stiffness

Foam Rollers Help Decrease Arterial

I found out about foam rollers about 6 or 7 years ago from Mark Sisson’s blog. It was actually the first post I ever read by Mark.

And just this past week, he pointed me toward an incredibly interesting study on Foam Rollers:

Acute Effects of Self-Myofascial Release Using a Foam Roller on Arterial Function

If you don’t know, a foam roller is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a cylindrical piece of foam that you use to “roll” many parts of your body. Most athletes use foam rollers, and for good reason. It’s an excellent way to massage out your muscles, reduce soreness and stiffness, and gradually improve flexibility in some areas.

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But the study above seems to indicate that foam rollers are also good for your heart health. When it comes to your heart, one of the primary dangers is hardening and stiffening of the arteries. But in the study, researchers found that people who regularly used a foam roller had significantly lower stiffness in their arteries.

The study doesn’t propose much in the way of causal mechanisms, so there are various possible explanations. However, given how cheap foam rollers are and how easy they are to use at home, what’s the downside to trying?

Easy Paleo AIP Breaded Fish Recipe (Using Cod)

Paleo AIP Breaded Baked Cod Recipe

This is the AIP (autoimmunne-friendly) version of the regular breaded fish recipe (posted here). This recipe is nut-free, dairy-free, and egg-free, but it still tastes great.  I used cod here, but you can use other types of fish instead.

Enjoy with the garlic ghee sauce – it’s tasty, really easy to make, and highly nutritious! This is a great way to get more fish into your diet.
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Really Cool Alternative to Antibiotics

Really Cool Alternative to Antibiotics

I’m not a very big fan of antibiotics, either pharmaceutical or herbal.

Let me rephrase that. I’m actually a huge fan of antibiotics – they save lives and are really awesome. But I also think we should limit our use of antibiotics to those times when it’s super-necessary.

Over-use of antibiotics leads to resistant strains of bacteria, and it also destroys all of the good, commensal bacteria that our bodies thrive on.

That’s why I’m very interested to see this new research on antibiotic alternatives:
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Review of Go Raw Cookies – Cookies that Grow in the Ground

Review of go raw cookies

Jadah West is the Executive Editor of Paleo Living Magazine. She’s also the founder of Salted Paleo. When not running Paleo Living Magazine, Jadah loves to spend time at the beach, at her beloved CrossFit, and working as a model.

Apparently (and somewhat bizarrely), if you plant a cookie from Go Raw in the ground, then it will grow.

My guess is that it doesn’t grow a cookie-tree, which is sad.

I’ve always wanted a cookie-tree…

review of go raw cookies chocolate flavor
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Paleo and AIP Chicken Salad Recipe With Grapes, Apple, and Celery


I’ve always loved chicken salad recipes – you can make a large batch and store them easily in the fridge. And they’re great as a quick snack, a side dish, or even an entire meal if you’re hungry!

But most chicken salad recipes involve mayo (recipe here), which is not only a hassle to make on a Paleo diet but also isn’t AIP-friendly if you have autoimmune issues (read more about AIP here and get the AIP Food List here).

And onto this AIP chicken salad recipe…

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Guilt-Free Paleo Chocolate Brownies Recipe (paleo, dairy-free, vegan)

paleo chocolate brownies recipe featured image

lilsipper-Bethany-Ugarte-imageBethany is the face behind the account @lilsipper on Instagram. She is dedicated to healthy eating and living a balanced life. She is also a yoga instructor and loves sharing her passion for health and fitness. Diets never work and always end…AKA fail. She was diagnosed with Crohn’s and Gastropareses, which is, according to western medicine, an incurable illness that effects the digestive system causing severe pain, bloating, nausea, vomiting, and unwanted weight loss. Through natural ways of healing using a pure, clean diet, she is currently reversing her illness! Her diet is free from gluten, peanuts, refined sugars, artificial sugar, and are of course, full of nutritional value. She never counts calories, only nutrients! You can find her on Instagram @lilsipper.

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6 Tips for Buying More Delicious Fish


Although fish is one of the healthiest foods you can eat, it’s something that many of us actually know very little about.

Here in the US, if you don’t grow up very close to an ocean, there’s a good chance that you don’t eat all that much seafood at all.  That was definitely the case for me.  It wasn’t until my 20s that I realized how much I was missing out on.

It was even longer until I learned how to properly buy and cook seafood and fish.

Here are 6 big tips for buying better fish

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Is Bison Paleo?

is bison paleo?

Super delicious and chock full of muscle-building amino acids.

A great alternative if grass-fed beef is getting boring.

Yup, I’m talking about Bison.

See, I grew up in Georgia, home of Ted Turner. And nobody owns more bison than Ted. (Well, somebody might, but he owns a lot.)

And he even has a restaurant called Ted’s that I used to go to all the time for their bison. (I also loved their milkshakes, but that’s a story for another day.)

Because bison meat is packed with a good dose of protein and has a rich flavor, it is becoming a more popular addition to people’s plates.

So, is bison Paleo?  Definitely – it’s delicious and nutritious!

Why and How to Incorporate Bison into Your Diet

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