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Blogger Spotlight – Ainsley Daschofsky

Louise Hendon | October 4
Blogger Spotlight - Ainsley Daschofsky

1. What got you interested in the Paleo lifestyle?

Oddly, the life train stopped at the low carb diet first. A dear friend I was madly crushing on told me about the keto diet. My mind blissed up at the possibility of us doing something together, and getting to cook for him. He had been on the keto lifestyle for years and used it for weight loss as well as the mental clarity. Being a warrioress of the mind meant I had to take up this keto arrow with bacon tails on bone arrows and the poison tips of all the bitter kale and Brussel’s leaves my mouth did not yet love.

Michael told me that he ate once a day, ate no bread, rice, fruit, pasta or life happiness in essence. The madness of this was striking and yet my fairy mind is of chaos and not only believes everything it hears until proven otherwise, but goes fairy blissing first into new possibilities. Such a personality can be trouble, but in this case it wound up being the most important trial of my life. Not having pineapple or oranges did create sad bubbles I had to float with for a bit before they popped me out. Now they are definitely too sweet tasting and I can still embrace berries.

By going to 20 carbs or less a day I effectively cut out gluten, grain, sugar and everything you cut out in the land of paleo as well. The difference was I would still, and already very rarely, have fast food (burgers without buns) and still consumed tons of dairy. I believe heavy cream, butter and cheese was half of my diet. Most of the food that entered me was grassfed, organic and of flower raised animals. This lifestyle went on for about two years and during that time fast food became less and less, I found hemp hearts, chia seeds, coconut sugar, mug cakes and chocolate dipped bacon.

One day I got enraged at staring through my hemp hearts and $20 bags of superfoods and realizing I’d gotten lost and cult minded into this lifestyle. I’d been telling friends about why they should stop eating bread, and even just not eating bread or pasta in front of them sparked debate. I felt separate from everyone and yet I was still lost in needing them to care what they were putting in their bodies.

The next week I fully body and mind rebelled and downed an entire shake from Alamo Drafthouse. A primal need to go and hide with this shake took over, I’m talking cavemode levels of woman. I wanted to be away from all humans (hibernation mode as once we eat sugar our bodies trigger hibernation/we might want to avoid people in fear of them taking the food we need to store). My social anxiety fiercely took over and that night so did suicidal thoughts. That night it felt I was doomed to such thoughts, they had been with me all of my life. Then…I realized they hadn’t been with me for months. In fact, my social anxiety, depression, OCD and all of the mind scroungy of losing mental control had left me. How could a shake bring all of that back? How could I lose control of my mind and also want to die? Was it a body signaling? Were the thoughts I had thought led me to suicide all of my life….not been from the thoughts? Could there be another factor that humans have barely even considered?

I wound up testing this on myself. I went back to the grassfed hippy life and all of my mental issues went away again. It is not fully immediate and a lot of past still tinkers in my head, but yet again it was conquerable and yet again I felt genuine happiness, as though my body wanted to live. Then, about a month later, I decided to see if I could provoke all of them again. It started with a box of chocolates given to me as a birthday gift. Then I ate Krispy Kreme, McDonald’s and only fast food for three days. It took those three days to bring the thoughts back, which cancels out the mind over matter factor since I thought it would be immediate, but I lost control of adapting to life. Even losing my keys caused an almost panic attack. I would have thoughts in those moments that consumed me and have the same thoughts on kale and bacon and they would just tickle. The thoughts that led me to suicide were mostly the fact that I existed. Existence itself, the fact we don’t know why, the fact that people stop caring and yet I could not, ripped into my being. How could the thought of existence make me want to not exist? Only in the past year have I been able to think of that fully without pain and suicidal desires. I actually think it know and feel fear, but instead of that fear resting in my hippocampus (since it is attached to the amygdala) and sending connections of maladaptive suicide, I can breathe deeply and feel life connect and tingle within me. My fear has turned to bliss, and I firmly believe it could never have happened when I was downing three energy drinks a day with sour patch kids dropped in and sour sprayed kids if the day was a full one. My twin and I went a bit mad in high school. We even dipped sugar cubes in icing. She got a parasite from either eating a cheeto off the floor of a bus or a nerd rope from the ground at Six Flags. We don’t actually know which it was. We were addicted to sugar. People asked if we were on drugs and we said no, that we were just high on life. We never, and no one else ever, considered sugar or processed foods a drug.

We both developed intense procrastination, the ability to plan (connect the past, present and future), obsessed over thoughts (I actually couldn’t learn the keyboard fast enough and started typing out every word someone said in my head…I couldn’t stop even once I had mastered the keyboard), depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. She downed a bottle of pills in the church parking lot. I tell you these things we aren’t supposed to say because we are not allowed to say them. I believe all of these things have a cure because I have been able to cure them. I am not such a mind warrioress that it all could have just been me believing it so. Before I started either blog I planned to publish a book to the world and then finally get to end my life. Death was always more beautiful than life…starting around Junior high. Starting around my massive food change. No human wants these illnesses and so I do not take these claims lightly. I test them constantly and plan to get doctorate in neuroscience so I can prove with a machine that these disorders have a cure. I will redo the experiment while being scanned and compare what happens to humans that have mental disorders. Already the more I research it the more parents are already embracing diets to cure their child’s neurological disorders ranging from autism to ADHD. Cutting out gluten and dairy shows improvements ranging from a child saying mommy and daddy for the first time (autism children don’t connect well to humans and thus usually don’t even care that their parents exist but as people that feed them) to children opposing their parents less and actually gaining control of their mind, to me curing my suicidal thoughts. Instead of wanting to die I have self published three books, run two blogs and am finishing my bachelor’s this year. I actually want to live and see possibility in life.

The experiment is still going and is called The Box of Chocolates Experiment. The first part of it is a book now and I’m still on the second phase of discovering what in life is conquerable on paleo/keto and what is still locked within this mind. Basically I’m trying to figure out what all is food and what all is life. Nature vs. Nurture. I’m back on the lifestyle and I’m more and more a believer of books like Grain Brain that believe mental disorders are a product of diet. Our brain becomes maladaptive to any change in life and either cannot reconnect to life or simply does not adapt. Adapt or die, it is simple evolution.

Currently I have cut out dairy as well as peanuts because I went off both for a week and then tried them to realize they don’t work with this body. I also don’t eat fruit so that turns the paleo diet over to a keto one. It is the only diet that has worked to give me full mind control, and food has never tasted better. Taste is a bodily reaction to the acceptance of nutrients anyways, so if you give it the best nutrients it will give you the best taste.

2. What excites you most about writing/blogging and helping people get healthier?

There is a mixture of excitement and fear about my food blog since it is meant for people with mental disorders. The hope that they can be cured still gives me tingles. I got them just typing the letters into this screen. No matter how fiercely true it is the world is fighting against it. People find it hard to believe that their inner demons and thoughts are not fully from what happened to them in life. This becomes even more fierce in a society where we are not to talk about our issues or thoughts unless we pay to do so. Oh therapy, how you addict people to just having someone care. It hurts to reach into our deepest thoughts and analyze them, but I think the only way to conquer them is with both the right nutrients and foods to connect to life and the willingness to embrace the thoughts and life itself. These fast foods and processed poison do poison our minds and make them glitch or want to die. For me this has become basic fact, but the controversy is still very frightening. I’m excited for any person that it works for, but there is still a long way to go and I understand why people fight against it. I would too. I would fight the fudge out of me.

3. What is the top question asked by your readers?

Haha I just started so there really is not a top question yet. My top questions from RL friends are how do you cut out bread?

4. How do your family and friends feel about your Paleo life?

Honestly they are very interested in the lifestyle, but there is a lot of push back I receive. Only about two our of my overgrowing friend group actually follow this lifestyle. Other friends of mine eat fast food and I’ve actually noticed a correlation with the amount they eat and their ability to connect to life. Since they know my feelings on this there is an automatic assumption of judgement and they tend to get defensive. I then cook for them and set up meal plans and we work to reestablish the silly and bliss side of the food possibility. It is a battle but I grew a bacon sword studded in kale chips so everything should work out.

5. What are three things you’ve told yourself that kept you going during your weakest moment?

The first thought is generally a remembrance of what happens when I cheat.

The second thought is I have to prove this lifestyle works.

The third part is to remember I can still have coconut cream and chocolate.

6. If you had a list of ‘best-kept secrets’ [websites, books, coaches] you’d recommend, which would you include and why?

My top tip is to embrace the bitter. Eat new veggies raw and accept that the first few times it will scream a little. Your mouth is scared and needs comfort. The best blanket is coconut cream.

Paleo/Keto Blogs

  • Mark’s Daily Apple: A highly informative blogs that looks into studies about the primal eating lifestyle
  • Maria Mind and Body: Another highly informative blog with a woman that helps people on their journey with the keto/paleo lifestyle
  • The Nourished Caveman: Excellent recipes and information both on her self journey with keto and studies about the lifestyle

Favorite Keto/Low Carb Food Blogs

  • All Day I Dream About Food: Where I go for any baking wisdom and to read excellent food writing
  • I Breathe I’m Hungry: My favorite food blog of all time. She introduced me to cauliflower mash, beer braised meatballs and many of my favorite dishes.
  • Caveman Keto: If you just want to be a casserole loving caveman
  • Ruled by Me: I actually started my journey with this human. He has easily laid out what keto is and has meal plans.

A few tips:

  1. Eat an egg when you’re hungry. It’s okay to eat and if you deny yourself food you’ll probably go for that ice cream tub. I know the feelings.
  2. To keep variety going. You’re heard variety is the spice of life, well life also has spices so get some and experiment. Double spice your eggs with savory on one side and cinnamon with nut butter on the other side. Your body needs different nutrients and your mind needs bliss.

Ainsley is the writer behind You can follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Images: Copyright (c) rvika from Fotolia