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The Blogher Experience

Louise Hendon | August 2
Martha Stewart at Blogher12

It was a sweltering Friday in NYC, but inside the conference halls of Blogher12, the air conditioning quickly brought goose bumps to my arms.  This was my first blogging conference experience, and it was very enriching.  I had wanted to attend Blogher Food in Seattle earlier this year, which Nom Nom Paleo went to (see her post here), but lacked the time to fly so far.  So when I found out that the main conference was to be in NYC, I made sure to attend!

This was a fascinating conference filled with female bloggers from every field imaginable!  I have to say – there were some truly amazing women there, and I made some great friends (see list below).

As could be expected from such a major conference, the food wasn’t exactly Paleo.  (My stash of dark chocolate and granola were definitely life savers, although I have to admit that I did indulge in a few gluten-free cookies!)

So, here are some of the Pretty-But-Not-Paleo Foods that tempted me at the conference (which I resisted!).



Lunch wasn’t too bad – sandwiches at least have fillings that I can eat!  Here are the before and after lunch photos:



Outside of the food, there were some great panels on blogging and some amazing keynote speakers, including Katie Couric (see top photo above) and Martha Stewart (photos below).  Note to self – take the zoom lens next year!martha1


I was clearly not the only one excited to take some snaps of Martha!


And of course, I mustn’t neglect to mention the stands at the expo, some of which were very elaborate and cool.  Even though I wouldn’t buy most of the products, I was very appreciative of the effort that they had put in to creating a really fun expo!

Expo Photos:




And soy sauce + ice cream!?!


I wanted to highlight an interesting table at the expo – they were raising awareness about the dangers of antibiotic use in farming (

I was sad not to have gotten time to get a free massage or makeover either.  Here’s RadiantBrownBeauty getting a makeover!


Evening Fun

There was plenty of drinking and partying in the evenings.


And to end the event, there was even a fashion show featuring bloggers and some cute dogs…


Take Away From the Blogher Experience

Right now, I am simply exhausted, and that’s the word I have heard from practically everyone who attended the event!  So much knowledge and so many business cards were exchanged during those 2 days, and it’s left me both excited and overwhelmed right now.  I’m sure I will have more reflections on the event in a few days, when I’ve gotten a chance to recover, but I’m positive that my mind won’t change on one issue:  the event was fantastic at fostering friendships, which I sincerely hope will be long-lasting!

So here are some of the wonderful bloggers I had the opportunity to meet:

Amber at

Annie at

Dresden at

Eileen at

Erica at

Hannah at

Jules at

Karla at

Karyn at

Kasey at

Kristie at

Kristin at

Myra at

Nelly at

Quirky Jessi at

Shira at

Stacey at

If you were at Blogher12, leave me a comment below – look forward to seeing you in Chicago next year!

Michelle @Radiant Brown Beauty - August 6

So you’re going to Chicago next year?! Great. Now I know I have to go 🙂 I spoke with my husband about it and even discussed him coming with so he could be there and watch my son. It could be like a mini- vacation for us too.

I am in awe of how you take photos. Your pics are so clear and the way you have laid them out, they tell a story. If I were not at BlogHer, I would feel like I experienced a little piece of it after reading this post.

    Louise Hendon - August 6

    Aww you’re too sweet! I am definitely going to try to make it to Chicago – I loved going there last time, and it’s such a short flight away from NYC!

DanielleJ - August 7

It looks like you found more booths than I did. I didn’t see the booth about antibiotics. Anyway, I am in my bed reading other people’s posts because I am too tired to do anything else. 🙂

    Louise Hendon - August 9

    Haha – I’ve been doing the same, but just not in bed!

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