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Why Your Husband is Losing Fat Faster Than You

Written by Jeremy Hendon on September 18

Unfortunately, fat loss is a bit variable from one person to another, and quite often, women struggle with fat loss more than men.

Part of that is evolutionary, since it was always more important for women to hang on to fat for childbirth.

All of that is just to say that it’s often easier for men (but not always – my wife loses fat much more easily than I do).

Generally, I tell people a few things:
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The #1 Thing You MUST Do To Lose Fat

Written by Jeremy Hendon on September 9

Please note the following while you read this article: There is no shame in wanting to lose weight or weighing more than you want to. It does not even have to be something you want to change. In fact, you may have other health issues that make it either very difficult or impossible for you to lose weight regardless of what you eat, and that may be a completely different conversation that you might wish to have with yourself about figuring out and resolving the other health issues first.

Do you know what I remember most about being fat?

Every day in high school and college, I would wake up, look at myself in the mirror, and I’d get so angry at how I looked that I would try to physically pull the fat off of my stomach.

I wish I were kidding

I knew it wouldn’t work. I wasn’t delusional (at least not very), but I tried anyway.

If you know me, then you know that I eventually found a better and less painful way to lose fat and be healthy.

But there’s a point to this story, and it’s not to make you think I was crazy. It’s this:
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Is There Any Benefit to Getting Genetic Tests for Things Like MTHFR?

Written by Jeremy Hendon on September 4

I’ve long thought that genetic tests aren’t really all that useful.

I fully believe that the study of genetics, the research into genetics, and the technological advancements we’re beginning to see are amazing. But testing hasn’t seemed all that useful to me because – in general – it probably won’t change how you should live and eat, no matter what the results are.

The reason I’ve always believed that is because a healthy diet and lifestyle is generally healthy for everybody, regardless of genetics. It might be more important for some people than others, but really, we should all be eating real foods, sleeping enough, de-stressing, etc.
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What Should I Eat For Breakfast? Protein, Fats, or Carbs?

Written by Jeremy Hendon on September 2

I actually wrote this article because readers ask me quite often whether they need to eat more protein, fats, or carbs for breakfast.

And I understand why this question is so popular. There are thousands of articles about breakfast, and most of them seem either contradictory or else they just repeat the same information over and over again.

I’ve got a few tips below, but here’s the thing you need to remember above all else.
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5 Reasons Broccoli is Better Than You Think

Written by Jeremy Hendon on August 21

Growing up, there were few foods I disliked more than broccoli. (Collard greens was one of them – I just couldn’t stand the smell when I was a kid.)

Fast-forward a couple decades, and I want to put broccoli and collard greens in everything. My mom would be proud, except that she doesn’t actually like broccoli. Oh well.

Your own mom might have tried to feed broccoli to you as a kid, and it turns out that she had good reason to do so—broccoli is a true superfood. This famous green has been linked to a variety of positive health effects in nearly all of the body’s systems, from the circulatory and immune systems to mental health.

Just what sort of healthful benefits is broccoli packing in those green bunches?

Why is Broccoli Healthy?

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Should I Take Antibiotics?

Written by Jeremy Hendon on August 12

As far as antibiotics go, we never specifically suggest that anybody not take antibiotics that they’re prescribed. It’s a personal decision, and more importantly, it’s a decision you definitely want to consult your doctor/dentist about to be aware of the risks if you decide not to take the antibiotics.
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Can Paleo Help With Lupus?

Written by Louise Hendon on August 3

Can Paleo Help with Lupus?
This guest post is written by Cindy Holder Poole about her own experience with lupus.

Sixteen years ago I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. My life changed in ways I would never have imagined.

While I had been fairly healthy and athletic during my younger years I had found myself working too much, sleeping too little, and about to embark on a downward spiral that ended many of my hopes and dreams.

I was told to avoid sunlight and rest when tired. I was told diet wouldn’t help but to watch my weight. I was also told to avoid stress which was difficult since I worked as an air traffic control specialist at Los Angeles Air Traffic Control Center. Shortly after my diagnosis I gave birth to my second child and then found out that my oldest son had a form of muscular dystrophy. Stress just kept coming at me! I gained weight and my disease progressively became worse. Eventually it became difficult to even walk.

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Should I Exclusively Breastfeed My Infant?

Written by Jeremy Hendon on July 31

For the most part, it’s fairly common knowledge that breast-feeding is a healthy thing to do for infants, unless there is a specific and situational reason not to or why it’s not possible.

However, apart from the notion that it’s the natural thing to do, or that it imparts relational benefits, it’s not common knowledge WHY it’s necessarily a good thing to do.

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Is Paleo Only for the Wealthy?

Written by Jeremy Hendon on July 29

There’s definitely an issue with socioeconomic status and health, and it’s something we feel very strongly about. On the other hand, Paleo is a general philosophy geared toward eating unprocessed foods, and although it’s certainly tougher in some situations, I think anyone can move in that general direction and start seeing benefits.
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3 Reasons This Seafood Is Your New Best Friend

Written by Jeremy Hendon on July 24

Nori. Dulse. Gim.

Whatever you call it, seaweed is a nutritional powerhouse.

Although seaweed is eaten around the world, Japan is the country most commonly associated with seaweed consumption. In fact, recent research indicates that the average Japanese citizen’s gut bacteria is specifically adapted to be able to digest more seaweed than most other folks around the world.

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Is Paleo Good for Diabetics?

Written by Jeremy Hendon on July 22

(Note: We are not doctors, and this is not medical advice. You should always consult your doctor or medical professional, particularly about illnesses as serious as Diabetes.)

Do you want me to email you our Cheatsheet For Lowering Blood Sugar Levels? If so, just click here.

For diabetes (type II), it’s a complicated disease, but at heart, it’s an inability of the body to properly process and use sugar. Regardless of the causes, once someone has type II diabetes, or even just severe insulin resistance, the body simply can’t process sugar very well. This can change over time, but it’s the first thing to address.

That’s why Louise and I believe that all Type II diabetics should be limiting sugars and starches much more so than people without these issues. That includes all processed grains, processed sugars, and legumes, obviously, but it also means limiting certain otherwise Paleo foods like tubers and fruits. Every one of those foods breaks down very quickly into sugar. Starch is no different than sugar once it reaches your intestines and is absorbed into your blood stream. Legumes have more protein than grains, but they’re still mostly starch.

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Is High Cholesterol Bad for Me?

Written by Jeremy Hendon on July 21

Note: Please do not use this article to stop taking medication or as an excuse not to talk to your doctor. I don’t know you or your situation, and even if I did, I’m not a doctor and don’t pretend to treat illness. This is for your information only, to make more informed decisions.

I recently wrote a very long article about whether or not a Paleo diet will raise your cholesterol. If you have the time, please check it out and repin the infographic there.

And I will be coming out with another article shortly titled Cholesterol and Heart Disease: The Cholesterol Myth and What Really Causes Heart Disease.

However, if you want a simple answer to whether or not you should be worried about high cholesterol, then this is as simple as I can make it. There are no links to studies or in-depth explanations in this article – that’s all in the other 2 articles.

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Prebiotics Can Make You Happier and Less Stressed

Written by Jeremy Hendon on July 17

If you’re not familiar with the term, prebiotics are the foods that feed the bacteria (and other microorganisms) in your gut.

Prebiotics can be in the forms of foods (mostly foods with fiber and resistant starch like fruits & veggies), or you can supplement with something like raw potato starch, which serves as a prebiotic. It’s important to note that we don’t just need one type of prebiotic. Because we have so many different types of bacteria in our bodies, we need different types of prebiotics to feed them.

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