Group Nature Walks Stave Off Depression and Stress

group nature walks depression stress

The part of my lifestyle that I have always had the hardest time feeling healthy about is my stress levels.

And I know I’m not the only one.

When I talk to almost anybody, it seems like stress and anxiety (and even depression) are extremely common and extremely difficult to deal with. But the fact is that we already know a lot about how to control these parts of our life. We just don’t do what we already know.

Nature + People = Lower Stress and Depression

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4 Reasons That One Nut May Rule Them All

paleo brazil nuts

In general, nuts are quite nutritious. They don’t quite hold up to seafood or organ meats, but nuts are super when it comes to minerals.

However, not all nuts are created equal (or at least, some nuts are more equal than others).
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Dogs Love Us Like Family

Dogs Love Us Like Family

Louise and I got a dog a few months ago. It’s a Shih Tzu, and we named him Karma. He’s adorable!

In almost completely unrelated news, I’m a really big geek in terms of reading literature on the brain, brain scans, brain technology, and related brain information.

That’s why I deemed the following article worth writing about:
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Will A Paleo Diet Raise My Cholesterol? PLUS 5 Reasons Why Your Cholesterol Is Getting Higher

Will A Paleo Diet Raise my cholesterol levels?

Bacon, Steak, Eggs, Coconut Oil, and more Bacon.

That sounds both delicious and like a recipe for higher cholesterol, right?

It’s natural to be worried that a Paleo diet will raise your cholesterol and make you more susceptible to heart disease. This article will walk you through everything you need to know to make your own decision about whether or not to be worried.

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Do Depression and Anti-Depressants Cause Autism?

Do Depression and Anti-Depressants Cause autism

Recently, there have been quite a few studies examining the link between Anti-Depressants (mostly SSRIs) and birth defects and abnormalities (particularly autism).

And pretty much all of the studies being published show some sort of correlation between SSRIs and Autism, if not other birth abnormalities. So it’s certainly an issue that needs more studies and more research.

However, I really like this recent article that was published on the subject:
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Is All Sugar Bad for Me?


Sugar is tricky. When you look at only good clinical studies (Randomized Double Blind Trials), sugar is only a problem in caloric excess. A lot of people try to argue for more, but the science isn’t there.

However, I think you can easily say that processed sugar in general is a big problem, based on those studies.
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What Does it Mean to Eat Seasonally, and Why is it Important?

What Does it Mean to Eat Seasonally, and Why is it Important?

Our ancestors ate whatever grew around them. It was all they had.

I, on the other hand, love being able to go to the grocery store and get whatever produce I want, no matter what time of year it is. I do NOT eat seasonally. (More on me in a moment…)
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What to Say Next Time Someone Claims that Beef Increases Greenhouse Gases

how to answer beef causes greenhouse gases

For the past few years, it’s really perturbed me every time I hear someone say or see someone write that beef cattle are contributing to global warming.

The argument I hear is that beef cattle release a lot of methane (a greenhouse gas) and thereby contribute to global warming.

The problem is that this argument is ridiculous, and it has been for a very long time. Fortunately, I’m at least seeing a couple articles starting to refute it, such as this one:
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How to Use This One Fruit to Reduce Your Cholesterol

avocado to reduce cholesterol

To be fair, I think that concern over cholesterol is fairly overblown. It’s not that it’s never a problem, but it tends to be more of a symptom of other underlying issues, rather than a problem in and of itself.

However, I know that most folks are still concerned when they see their cholesterol start to creep up. If that’s you, then you’ll likely be interested in this recent study.

(No matter what, the resulting advice is still good for anyone…)
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Is Alcohol OK to Drink on a Paleo Diet?

Is Alcohol OK to drink on a paleo diet


I’ve said various things in the past about alcohol, and you’ll hear different answers from other people who talk about eating a Paleo diet.

But I don’t care anymore. Alcohol is not healthy, despite what many people say to the contrary.
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The #1 Cause of Acne and the Smart Way to Treat It

The #1 Cause of acne

There’s a lot of money being made in treating skin conditions.

From acne to psoriasis to rosacea to dandruff, skin conditions are big business. Your local grocery store quite possibly carries more skin care products than vegetables.

Having a lot of money around an issue like this is both good and bad. Take this recent article, for instance:
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Foam Rollers Help Decrease Arterial Stiffness

Foam Rollers Help Decrease Arterial

I found out about foam rollers about 6 or 7 years ago from Mark Sisson’s blog. It was actually the first post I ever read by Mark.

And just this past week, he pointed me toward an incredibly interesting study on Foam Rollers:

Acute Effects of Self-Myofascial Release Using a Foam Roller on Arterial Function

If you don’t know, a foam roller is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a cylindrical piece of foam that you use to “roll” many parts of your body. Most athletes use foam rollers, and for good reason. It’s an excellent way to massage out your muscles, reduce soreness and stiffness, and gradually improve flexibility in some areas.

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But the study above seems to indicate that foam rollers are also good for your heart health. When it comes to your heart, one of the primary dangers is hardening and stiffening of the arteries. But in the study, researchers found that people who regularly used a foam roller had significantly lower stiffness in their arteries.

The study doesn’t propose much in the way of causal mechanisms, so there are various possible explanations. However, given how cheap foam rollers are and how easy they are to use at home, what’s the downside to trying?

Really Cool Alternative to Antibiotics

Really Cool Alternative to Antibiotics

I’m not a very big fan of antibiotics, either pharmaceutical or herbal.

Let me rephrase that. I’m actually a huge fan of antibiotics – they save lives and are really awesome. But I also think we should limit our use of antibiotics to those times when it’s super-necessary.

Over-use of antibiotics leads to resistant strains of bacteria, and it also destroys all of the good, commensal bacteria that our bodies thrive on.

That’s why I’m very interested to see this new research on antibiotic alternatives:
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Gluten Leads to Leaky Gut. Surprise, Surprise!

Gluten Leads to Leaky Gut

Occasionally, I cheat on my Paleo diet (shocking, huh?).

However, even when I cheat, I never eat gluten, and I’m probably the least-sensitive person I know.

Even though I don’t experience any acute symptoms from eating gluten, I still avoid it at all costs.

Gluten Leads to Leaky Gut

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