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How to Eat Your Way to Happiness

Jeremy Hendon | October 1

The link below isn’t an actual study (I couldn’t get my hands on it), but it’s a very interesting article that discusses and extrapolates on the study:

Gut Bacteria May Exacerbate Depression

In the study that the paper discusses, patients who were depressed were tested for leaky gut (a condition whereby the intestines let too many things through into your bloodstream).

Leaky Gut Leads to Depression

Researchers found that 35% of patients tested positive for leaky gut. And it’s likely that more than that may have had minor cases of leaky gut that would not have shown up on the tests.

The article is well-written and concise, and it lays out a few of the ways that leaky gut might cause or exacerbate depression. In particular, certain bacteria may get into the bloodstream and then accumulate in particular areas of the brain.

What is not as great about the article is its list of possible causes of leaky gut. Several of the possible “causes” are much more likely to be symptoms or effects of leaky gut, such as IBS, Auto-Immune Disorders, and Severe Food Allergies.

Eat Well and Get Happy

The limitations of the article aside, it’s yet another reason to focus on the health of your gut.

More and more studies are arriving every day proving that gut health may be one of the most important factors in our overall health, from brain function, to immune activity, to weight loss.

And taking care of your gut relies largely on avoiding foods that will exacerbate either leaky gut or overgrowth of bacteria. In both cases, that largely means avoiding grains (especially gluten), processed sugars, and seed oils.

But maybe you’re already doing those things?

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