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Forget Relieving Stress – Here’s How to Prevent Stress

Jeremy Hendon | January 7
How to Prevent Stress

This might seem a bit obvious, since most of us are pretty aware that exercise is a good way to blow off some steam and de-stress.  However, it’s actually even better than that.

Here’s the paper (with a very long title):

Physical Exercise Prevents Stress-Induced Activation of Granule Neurons and Enhances Local Inhibitory Mechanisms in the Dentate Gyrus

In this study, the researchers made some mice run on a regular basis and let the others be lazy.  They then subjected the mice to stress (cold water) and measured activity in a region of their brain called the ventral hippocampus.

What they found was that the mice that regularly ran had much greater activity in that area of their brain when under stress.  That’s really important because the ventral hippocampus is the area of the brain that suppresses anxiety (aka stress).

In other words, exercising on a regular basis didn’t just relieve stress, it actually prevented it.

How to Prevent Stress?

Work it Out. Literally.

You already know that you should be exercising for a variety of reasons.

However, most of us have a tough time figuring out how to decrease our stress levels.  This should provide you with one answer that will also hopefully motivate you to move on a more regular basis.