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iPad Mini

Jeremy Hendon | October 23

iPad Mini - Paleo?Yup – Apple released the iPad Mini today. If you’re into these things (I am), then you were probably expecting this. There have been rumors for several months that Apple would release the Mini in October.

As of the time I’m posting this article, the Mini won’t ship to consumers for another couple weeks. And yet, there are probably in the neighborhood of 500,000 reviews online already.

So I’m not going to write a review. I don’t have a Mini to review in any case.

But I did have a couple random thoughts about the iPad Mini from a Paleo perspective…

  1. Lots of People. I’m excited about how many people will buy the iPad Mini. I don’t own any Apple stock or have relatives who work there, but Paleo Living, as well as a ton of other Paleo apps will hopefully be able to reach an even bigger segment of the population. The Mini starts at just $329, which will hopefully bring in some new folks who didn’t previously own an iPad. I can get excited about that.
  2. Unplugging. One of the things that is touted about the iPad Mini is its long battery life. Admittedly, I and every other warm-blooded human think this is a benefit when it comes to electronics. But it also occurs to me that it just makes it that much easier to never unplug or disconnect from our electronics. As I said above, I’m excited about the opportunities that technology brings. For instance, in the next issue of Paleo Living, Sean Croxton and I discuss just this – how technology is allowing the wide dissemination of good nutritional advice. At the same time, we’ve got to get away from our tech sometimes, and cool new gadgets like the Mini aren’t making it any easier. Not the Mini’s fault, but something we need to address.

Like I said, just a couple random thoughts, but I’m both excited and cautious. Not sure yet whether I’ll be getting the Mini. The one thing I was hoping for that it doesn’t have is the retina display, but I understand how hard it must be to put that in a low price point.

How many of you are excited about or even thinking about getting the Mini? And how do you find ways to unplug? Or do you? Let me know in the comments!