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Is Paleo Only for the Wealthy?

Jeremy Hendon | July 29

There’s definitely an issue with socioeconomic status and health, and it’s something we feel very strongly about. On the other hand, Paleo is a general philosophy geared toward eating unprocessed foods, and although it’s certainly tougher in some situations, I think anyone can move in that general direction and start seeing benefits.

If one has the means to “do everything right”, then it probably makes sense to put a fair amount of money and energy toward better health. However, not everybody is in a position to do everything (whether because of cost, availability, time, or anything else). That’s why we really like to focus on the most important aspects of diet and health and help people understand what will really make the most difference for them, in case they can make only one or two changes.

We heavily emphasize tactics like removing all gluten and processed sugar, and getting enough sleep, since we definitively know that those changes will make bigger qualitative differences in a person’s life and health. Then, if someone wants to make a lot of other changes (and has the means to do so), they can start worrying about things like buying organic and local, neither of which make nearly as big of a difference, but which could potentially add a few extra benefits.

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