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Vanessa Rivera – Live Video Chat On Letting Go Of Emotional Eating

Louise Hendon | October 8
Letting Go of Emotional Eating

Honestly, we all know the basics of what is and what isn’t healthy to eat, so the question is really why do we still put that pizza or that cookie into our body??

Emotional eating isn’t just limited to reaching for a tub of ice-cream when you get sad. For many people, it’s happening constantly – when I get stressed, I reach for chocolate. When you get angry, you might get a drink. When you get frustrated by your co-workers, you might go get a slice of cake.

Emotional eating is eating that is not done out of choice – it is done out of a habit triggered by an emotion we feel, and we eat the food in the hopes that it will fill a void inside us.

This is an issues that affects many of us and derails any healthy diet (Paleo or otherwise) we might be on or considering! That’s why Vanessa and I decided to do this live video chat to discuss how we can all overcome emotional eating.

(This was recorded as a Live Video Chat, but we’ve saved it as a video to Youtube now. Watch it below.)

If you want to work with Vanessa directly, then sign up here for a free 15-minute consultation with her to see if she can help you. Her website is

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Louise Hendon - October 8

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Sharon Williams - October 8

I find it very difficult to stay away from sweets and bread. How can I get past it to stick to Paleo 100 percent? How long before it becomes something I can get past & out of my mind?

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