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Livin’ Spoonful Raw and Paleo Crackers – Paleo Food Review

Louise Hendon | December 14
livin spoonful paleo crackers food review

Jadah West is the Executive Editor of Paleo Flourish Magazine. She’s also the founder of Salted Paleo. When not running Paleo Flourish Magazine, Jadah loves to spend time at the beach, at her beloved CrossFit, and working as a model.

Rule number one of convenience paleo eating: Don’t judge a food by it’s package.

At first glance the crackers from Livin’ Spoonful are quite unassuming. I opened the box containing all seven flavors and quite frankly, at first glance, I wasn’t sure I could expect much based on the simple packaging.

Each package contains four crackers. The ingredients vary according to flavor, but most are generally the same, for example, the sourdough flavor has: sprouted sunflower seeds, sprouted almonds, flax seeds, dates, raw apple cider vinegar, Celtic sea salt, and almost all of which are organic ingredients.

There are a variety of flavors including Caraway Crisps, Coconut Curry, Kale, Pesto Pumpkin Seed, Pizza, Sourdough, and Sunny Garden Herb.


Square and about 1/2 cm thick, these crackers hold together quite well. I initially tried the sourdough flavor to act as an edible plate for tuna salad. After all, aren’t crackers meant to be tiny edible plates?

The first bite, and consequently every following bite, was delightful. The texture of Livin’ Spoonful crackers is along the lines of how woven wheat crackers are rather than the soft, flaky crackers I used to eat in my pre-paleo life.

One pack of four crackers was more than enough to finish off my lunch of tuna salad with.

Later I grabbed the pizza flavor as a late night snack and was very satisfied with the accuracy of the flavor name. I tasted sweet tomato, basil, and the crust of a pizza. They even smelled like a pizzeria. I didn’t need to top them with anything – they were a sufficient snack on their own.


The package is not resealable. So once you open it, I suggest eating all of them within a reasonable time period since the crackers get kind of soft if you leave them out overnight after opening.

These are also a little pricey at $4.35 per package containing four crackers. But if money is not an object and you are really craving some paleo approved crackers, they are well worth the investment.


If you are paleo and miss the texture of hearty crackers then grab some Livin’ Spoonful. They’re delicious alone as a snack and also accompany main dishes well. The crackers are sold on their website

Disclaimer: I received trail mix and almond flour from for review purposes. I received no other compensation, and this review is based on my own opinion. Note that some links on this page (and throughout this website) may be affiliate links.