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Favorite Bloggers: Holistic Squid

Jeremy Hendon | November 21

The Blog

The Blogger

Emily Bartlett L.Ac.

Emily’s Story

Holistic Squid spouts a variety of great articles and recipes on the topics of nutrition, natural health and fertility. It was created as a result of Emily’s professional and personal experiences as a natural health care practitioner.  

Calling herself a bit obsessed with real food, she’s often seen hanging cheese from a giant ceiling hook or stirring a soup pot full of bones.  If that sounds weird, she’s also been known to make a mean enchilada and chocolate chip cookie too.   

Holistic SquidCooking for her husband and two little “grommets,” she de-mystifies the hype surrounding the real food movement, making it accessible and easy to understand, from tips for adopting the lifestyle and offering newcomers guidance on cooking, food prep and delicious recipes.

When she’s not spouting her blogging wisdom, Emily is a mom, wife ,and health care practitioner who specializes in fertility and pregnancy at her clinical practice in Los Angeles, although she treats families for a variety of conditions as well. Hailing from a family of practitioners, including her Filipino great-great-grandmother, a village shaman-healer, to her father, a Western family doctor, she blends ancient healing wisdom and traditional Western medicine in her practice of modern Chinese medicine, which uses acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition and ‘lots of listening’, in her own words.

Favorite Recipe:

Purple Garlic Sauerkraut

Super-delicious and a great pairing with beef or lamb, this colorful plate-enhancer is a winner with Paleo and non-Paleo diners alike.  It’s great for summer picnics and is an easy way to introduce beginners to the wonders of fermented foods. 

Emily likens it to asking a stranger to dance, writing about the recipe, “A little ‘pretty’ can go a long way toward getting your way.”  It’s as good as it is attention-grabbing.

What We Particularly Love:

One of Holistic Squid’s features is its Weekly Real Food Meal Plans (for which you can also get free samples). Plans include both Paleo and non-Paleo options and are practical, delicious and a huge help for families who want healthy meals without kitchen enslavement or wallet-busting food gathering trips. 

Chock full of detailed shopping lists, a weekly schedule laid out day-by-day (with one heavy cooking day and minimal kitchen time), recipes and a Primal option for those who choose to include dairy products, this feature saves both time and money for anyone seeking variety and easy options for a healthy diet.

Images: Copyright © Emily from Holistic Squid