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Blogger Spotlight – Mark Sisson

Jeremy Hendon | December 14
Blogger Spotlight - Mark Sisson

1. What got you interested in the Paleo lifestyle?

I was going through a major reevaluation of my lifestyle. Up to that point, I was an endurance athlete, through and through. That was my identity. Father, husband? Yes, but my entire schedule – the things I did – revolved around my training and competing. So when my body started to break down from all the chronic cardio and all the refined grains I ate to fuel it, I realized I couldn’t do this any longer if I wanted to be there for my kids and actually enjoy the rest of my life. Developing the Primal Blueprint was the only way forward out of the morass of endless training, nagging injuries, carbing up, and missing out on life itself.

2. What excites you most about writing/blogging and helping people get healthier?

Getting my often jumbled thoughts out onto the screen/page helps me think more clearly about the subject. I’ll have a vague idea of what I want to write before I start, and then I actually write and see my thinking organize itself before my eyes.

The blog is the best medium I’ve found for transmitting health information and receiving feedback. Twitter and Facebook and other mediums are helpful and necessary, too, but the blog allows a unique blend of brevity, instancy, depth, and immediate feedback. I honestly don’t know if I’d continue at my current pace with the same enthusiasm if I didn’t get instant feedback from readers informing me that my words were having an impact on their lives.

3. What is the top question asked by your readers?

“Blogging, researching, writing, speaking, running a business. How do you keep up with everything, dude?”

I don’t know the answer, to be honest. “Just barely?”“By the skin of my teeth?”

4. How do your family and friends feel about your Paleo life?

They’ve come along for the ride, actually. My wife – a longtime vegetarian – joined me in giving up grains, legumes, and refined sugar back when I first developed the Primal Blueprint. She started eating seafood shortly after (for the fat and protein she was missing), and has even recently introduced red meat back into the picture. She’s probably healthier than I am. My kids are away at school now, but they manage to maintain a rough approximation of the Primal lifestyle without losing perspective. Devyn, my daughter, is growing into quite an accomplished cook and my son, Kyle, is a smart, fit all-around athlete that excels at pretty much anything he tries. I like to think they’re a product of good genes and excellent epigenetic input.

5. What are three things you’ve told yourself that kept you going during your weakest moment?

“Your cause is just and honorable.”

“This is your calling.”

“You can’t give up now. Too many people still need to hear your message.”

6. If you had a list of ‘best-kept secrets’ [websites, books, coaches] you’d recommend, which would you include and why?

Peter’s Hyperlipid blog ( – Peter is a brutally sarcastic UK veterinarian who moonlights as a lipophile. It’s incredible what you can learn from a cream-drinking mammalian physiology expert with a knack for uncovering hidden truths in scientific papers that undermine the paper’s stated conclusions. He’s definitely biased toward fat, but that’s usually the result of actually reading the literature with a critical eye. You might have to read his posts twice to get them. Trawl his archives. They go back six or seven years.

Short (sub-10 second) hill sprints – This is my go-to workout if I can’t find the time for anything else. I take ten minutes out of my day to run up a really steep hill for 5-10 seconds, walk back down, and repeat the process as many times as I can. It’s perfect. Short enough that it doesn’t instill fear, intense enough to elicit a powerful training effect, and easy on the joints because you’re running uphill rather than on flat ground.

Mark is the man and legend behind The Primal Blueprint and

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