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Favorite Bloggers: Paleo Parents

Jeremy Hendon | November 7
paleo parents blogger website

The Blog

Paleo Parents

The Blogger(s)

Stacy Toth and Matt McCarry

Their Story

Stacy and her husband Matt are the dynamic duo behind Paleo Parents, a blog that takes “a practical and affordable approach to feeding their family real food,” by sharing thoughts, recipes, advice and informational posts about the Paleo diet and lifetstyle.

A self-confessed “recovered vegetarian of seven years,” Stacy has Celiac disease and had her gallbladder removed in 2009. On a continued quest to find the ideal Paleo regimen for her and her family, both she and Matt write about all the tips and tricks to translate Paleo successfully for everyday families. She works in the corporate world full-time while Matt, who also produces The Paleo View podcast, takes care of their three young boys as a stay-at-home Dad.

Paleo Parents
Although having only embraced Paleo since May 2010, Stacy, Matt and their family’s lives have undergone a complete transformation.  They report themselves as happier, energetic and full of joy, whereas before Paleo, they were crabby, lethargic and collectively more than 200 pounds heavier.  By adopting an ancestral lifestyle, their weight came off in just months and they resolved several health issues, including depression, allergies, sleeping disorders, IBS, heartburn and joint pain.  Additionally, they’ve written that their three boys no longer have behavior disorders, asthma, eczema, seasonal and pet allergies or any “tummy aches.”

As the authors of two Paleo cookbooks – Eat Like a Dinosaur, A Recipe & Guidebook for Gluten-free Kids and Beyond Bacon, Paleo Recipes that Respect the Whole Hog, they’ve translated their wisdom beyond their blog with helpful recipes for parents to get the entire family onboard with a Paleo-friendly diet.


After she and Matt wrote their national best-selling book, Eat Like A Dinosaur, Stacy’s success story in losing over 135 pounds by following a Paleo diet appeared in Woman’s World Magazine. Paleo Parents was also nominated as a “Best Family & Kids Blog” for the 2013 Homie Award by The Kitchn, a site devoted to cooking and kitchens.

Why We Love it and You Will Too

Following a Paleo lifestyle in a generally non-Paleo world can be challenging—but even more so when trying to make it work for both yourself and your family.

Paleo Parents make it look easy—or at least a lot less intimidating.

Reading about Stacy and Matt’s adventures, their adorable kids and how they are thriving and accepting Paleo foods gives all parents hope that we don’t have to eat alone on our Paleo island and leave the family behind.

The humor, practical advice and delicious recipes that Paleo Parents serves up is definitely worth visiting—and the kids might just come along too.

Although Paleo Parents has many things that make it a great blog, the frank, funny and altogether “real” tone that Matt and Stacy write with really helps us connect to each other across the Paleo stratosphere.

Whether they’re sharing recipes, reviewing products or giving advice, their posts are honest, lighthearted and are based on their own experiences, which aren’t unlike our own as parents. They’re allies to any parents trying to best navigate the waters in a world where Paleo is not yet universally accepted.

And they’re not afraid to laugh about the challenges they have as individuals. In one post about how to carry off Paleo on a camping trip entitled, “Glamping: How to Camp Paleo Style…with Glamour”, Matt admits that his mountain manliness is not what it might be . . .

“To call us “outdoorsy” would probably be the overstatement of the century,” he says. “In particular, I have some serious issues. Serious issues. From my obsessive showering to my hatred of smoke smell to my hyperhidrosis, we won’t be doing any survivalist expeditions any time soon. . .”

Additionally, Stacy puts it all out there when she documents her personal triumphs and struggles with weight loss and fitness, showing how Paleo can make a difference for anyone.

She posted underwear-clad pictures of herself as she underwent her Paleo journey, writing, “I can’t think of a single reason why I would humiliate myself in sharing those photos and facts, except that I really want to provide inspiration and drive home the idea that – Paleo works.  It’s what your body wants and needs to be healthy and strong.”

Favorite Recipe

Sweet Potato Drop Biscuits

These yummy gems are noted on the blog as one of Stacy’s favorite recipes and appeared originally in their book, Beyond Bacon. These satisfying, delicious biscuits beg for a schmear of grass-fed butter (however, they’re still great if eaten without it).

Their just-right sweet flavor might feel like a cheat if you find yourself on the 21 Day Sugar Detox and scoffing them, but they’re compliant if you keep an eye on your carb intake, according to Stacy.

Best for hard workout days or a post-WOD pairing with a bit of protein (or any day where carbs are called for) they’re a tasty accompaniment to meals or perfect when eaten all by their lonesome.

Update: Stacy and Matt came out with a new cookbook in 2014 called Real Life Paleo. You can read our review of it here.

Images: Copyright © Paleo Parents