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Blogger Spotlight – Paleo Periodical

Jeremy Hendon | May 14
Blogger Spotlight - Paleo Periodical

The Blog

Paleo Periodical

The Blogger

Karen Phelps

Her Story

Upon watching her own health and well-being undergo a transformation after adopting a Paleo lifestyle, Karen Phelps (writer, mother, MovNat instructor, and evolutionary health devotee) couldn’t keep it to herself.

She’s been “going feral since 2011”, which is when she started Paleo Periodical and began blogging about her personal adventures, recipes, issues and tips about ancestral living from both herself and other voices in the Paleo world.

Calling her eating philosophy firm but not strict, Phelps advocates a more Primal approach for her own diet, as opposed to following a strict Paleo regimen.

A majority of her recipes are quick and easy and Phelps says that most of the time, she’s a casual cook. “I often have no idea what I’m making for dinner until 5:13pm when I peek my head in the fridge to see what hasn’t rotted yet,” she writes.

Admitting that 90% of the time she whips up dishes on the fly, but, she says, “10% is spent dreaming and scheming about elaborate dishes for which I have to run to the store to buy a dozen exotic ingredients. I hope to share both with you here.”

What We Particularly Love

Although Paleo Periodical has tons of delish Paleo- and Primal-friendly recipes, one of this blog’s best standout features is the eclectic mix of topics that Phelps tackles, from simple reflections on how to become more Primal to digesting the more scientific-based findings echoing in the Paleo world.

You can hop from a post about why the her childhood book favorite Frances the Badger might inspire us to schedule our own “wandering days” to experience the joy of being alone in nature, to a research link-laden discussion of why diet alone isn’t the missing piece of the puzzle in modern times that’s conspiring against our ancient genes.

Phelps’ frank writing style is really funny at times and her colorful take on a variety of ancestral health topics, along with great-tasting recipes, is helping her 6,287- strong audience of followers grow daily.

In a post titled, “Old Friends We’ve Left Behind,” she tells it like it is as she discusses the loss of organisms once common in humans and now missing in modern, urbanized people (e.g. the Old Friends) because of hygiene and sanitation measures. She writes (and responds with a reader’s anticipated reaction),

[expletive], Dude.
What can I do?
Unfortunately, not much.”

But she does go on to explain how following a Paleo lifestyle can help a lot.

And that’s why checking out this blog can also help anyone seeking to explore ancestral health and lifestyle issues in an honest, open forum. This approach, combined with proven, easy Paleo/Primal recipes makes this a periodical worth a read.

Favorite Recipe

Sausages with Apple Cabbage Sauté

Paleo BloggersThis just might become a favorite go-to meal whenever you’re looking to make something fast, hearty and delicious. As an entry in the “Quick and Dirty” recipe section, this one comes together with easy ingredients you can put together without a whole lot of planning or prep time.

This satisfying sauté is a blend of your favorite sausage (gluten-free, sugar-free and uncured, to make it Paleo—Phelps uses a gouda sausage), cabbage, onion, some grass-fed butter, apple and a bit of salt and pepper.

The cabbage “noodles” are cooked until al dente, providing just the right mix of crunch and tenderness. The apples provide a nice balance of sweetness with the savory, salty flavors as well. Hit the plate with your mustard of choice and you’re good to go.

Images: Copyright (c) Karen Phelps from The Paleo Periodical