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Blogger Spotlight – Stefani Ruper

Jeremy Hendon | December 25
Blogger Spotlight - Stefani Ruper

1. What got you interested in the Paleo lifestyle?

Back in 2009, I was a vegetarian on the verge of veganism, with a fair amount of health problems – particularly mental health. My mother read Nora Gedgaudus’s Primal Body Primal Mind, and she said: “Stef you gotta try this out!” (Paleo had just saved her from knee replacement surgery.) I thought the idea was stupid at first, but I am whole heartedly committed to open-mindedness. By page 60 I was sold. I ran to the store and bought a rack of ribs right away.

2. What excites you most about writing/blogging and helping people get healthier?

Because it helps people get healthier!

I believe that physical health is a springboard for a rich, fulfilling, and happy life. I want to give the whole world (or as much of it as I can) a rich, fulfilling, happy life.

3. What is the top question asked by your readers?

That’s tough. I can’t put my finger on one specific question. Most of my readers have very technical questions about hormone health — about poly cystic ovarian syndrome, or fertility, or estrogen dominance, or hypothyroidism. The most popular posts on my blog by far, however, are the ones about acne.

4. How do your family and friends feel about your Paleo life?

Everyone in my immediate family is roughly paleo or at least knows I’m right! (I’m winking here I promise.) So far as my friends go, none of them are paleo, but we don’t care almost at all. I let them do their thing and they let me do mine.

5. What are three things you’ve told yourself that kept you going during your weakest moment?

Whoa. Weakest, how? Like, weakest point in my life? That would be at many points between January 2012 and January 2014, in which I struggled with severe side effects like heart palpitations, anxiety, panic attacks, and insomnia, from a prescription drug I took in 2011.

“Find the beauty in this moment.”
“You’ve figured out everything else in your life so far – you’ll get this one, too.”
“Have patience. Be grateful for everything you have and that this is not worse – it could ALWAYS be worse.”

6. If you had a list of ‘best-kept secrets’ [websites, books, coaches] you’d recommend, which would you include and why?

Sex at Dawn by Christopher Ryan is a game changer about human relationships. Go buy it! Read it today! I think everyone should read Tim Ferriss’s Four Hour Workweek, because so many of us can learn how to take more control of our lives and have more freedom. I’m gonna go super big picture here and say that the books that have helped me most in my life are all poetry of one sort or another. Mary Oliver, Rumi, Rabia, Khalil Ghibran, Meister Eckhart, WH Auden, even Neitzsche… I like to be as aware as possible of the magnificent depth of my day to day experience as possible. It’s the number one thing that makes my life so fun to live and me so satisfied.

Stefani is one of our favorite bloggers and people. You can find her at and check out her latest book on weight loss for women.

Images: Copyright (c) hubis3d from Fotolia