Dirty Dozen & Clean 15 Foods – How To Buy Organic Foods

dirty dozen clean 15 organic foods

We often get asked whether it’s necessary to buy organic to be healthy.

So, here’s the thing:

Organic produce is probably better than conventional produce for your body as well as for the environment.

HOWEVER…and this is the really really important point…

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Clean 15 Foods

clean 15 foods

If you’re looking to buy conventional produce rather than organic produce (to save money or because you don’t have much organic produce available where you live), then these 15 foods are the best ones to go for in terms of low pesticide residue.

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How Sweet It Is: Why Artificial Sweeteners are Unhealthy

why artificial sweeteners are Unhealthy

Around here (in the world of Paleo), we recognize that calories matter but also that counting calories is a pretty dismal way to lose weight or live life.

In the rest of the world, though, artificially sweetened drinks are still very popular for just this reason.

There have been many studies on artificial sweeteners, but this recent was very interesting:

Artificial sweeteners produce the counterintuitive effect of inducing metabolic derangements
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The Problem with Gluten-Free and “Paleo” Breads

The Problem with gluten free and paleo breads

It’s always very hard to answer questions of what you should or shouldn’t be doing, because it depends a lot on who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish.

In an ideal world, you wouldn’t need to try to recreate old non-Paleo foods.

But I know from much experience (myself and others), that it’s often an easy way to ease yourself into big dietary changes.
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Are Pork Rinds Paleo?

are pork rinds paleo

Men’s Health almost got it right in proclaiming pork rinds to be “Junk Food that’s Good for You” (they recommend a low fat brand).

What Are Pork Rinds?

I was pretty confused about this at first, because they look like rice crackers or some sort of puffy snack made from wheat or another grain.

But actually, they’re just pork skin deep fried!

If you haven’t had it before, then that above description probably didn’t make it sound too appetizing. But take it from a recent convert, pork rinds are delicious!

They might also be called pork scratchings or pork crackling or Chicharrones.

Traditionally, they’ve been a by-product of rending lard, which was a favored cooking oil for many years, and the pork skin gets crispy and airy after the frying.

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The Big Secret About Sweet Potatoes That Nobody Wants You To Know

The Big Secret About Sweet Potatoes That Nobody Wants You To Know

You and I have been lied to. I don’t know why, and I don’t even know if it’s on purpose, but it pisses me off. And here’s why I’m annoyed… As of 2014, 29 MILLION people in the US had Diabetes (type 2), and 86 MILLION people were pre-diabetic. That’s over 105 MILLION people who have problems with insulin sensitivity and blood sugar. And my dad and my mother-in-law fall into those categories – my dad’s been type 2 diabetic for over a decade, and my mother-in-law has been pre-diabetic for about the same amount of time. So this particular issue hits very close to home (literally) for me – and presumably for almost anybody in the US, since you almost certainly know a few people who are at least pre-diabetic.

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The Myth About Sweet Potatoes…

Everyone (from doctors, to medical researchers, to even the American Diabetes Association) seems to unanimously state that sweet potatoes are unequivocally great for diabetics (please note that when I mention diabetes in this article, I’m referring to type 2 diabetes). If you don’t believe me, here are just a few examples:

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Even on websites that supposedly pay attention to blood-sugar and glycemic load issues, sweet potatoes are almost always classified as a “better” food than things like white potatoes.

Unfortunately…It’s All Completely Untrue!

Listen. I’m not bashing sweet potatoes. Entire cultures have lived very healthily on sweet potatoes. I eat sweet potatoes myself. But I also have pretty good insulin sensitivity. It’s like this. Fish is pretty darn nutritious, and almost everybody agrees. But if you’re allergic to fish, you shouldn’t be eating it. It’s pretty simple. So the question is whether sweet potatoes are a problem for people with blood sugar issues (like diabetics and pre-diabetics). Hint: I’m going to show you how you can test out the results for yourself so you don’t have to believe my word about it. [Read more…]

The Scientific Way to Get Your Kids to Eat Their Veggies

The Scientific Way to Get Your Kids to Eat vegetables

This is an age-old problem.  

What four-year-old really wants to eat his or her vegetables?

Apparently, a large portion of the children in this study decided that they did:

Conceptual Change and the Potential for Increased Vegetable Consumption

How To Get Your Kids to Eat Their Veggies

The researchers in this study got some of the kids to voluntarily double their vegetable intake during snack times.  

How did they do it?
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Is Cheese Off-Limits on a Paleo Diet? – Is Cheese Paleo?

Is Cheese Off-Limits on a Paleo Diet?

I get questions all the time about different kinds of foods that may or may not be Paleo.

Mostly, it’s about foods that are either in a grey area or else are just sort of exotic.

On the other hand, though, certain types of dairy come up often, and cheese is one of them.

Cheese Is One of the Last Foods I Ever Gave Up

It took me many years.

I could (and will) write an entire article on all the different types of dairy and all the concerns with it, but here are the main considerations:
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You’re Going to Love This. How to Use Chocolate as Sunscreen!

chocolate as sunscreen

Yeah, I really couldn’t resist writing about this study as soon as I saw the title:

Long-Term Ingestion of High Flavanol Cocoa Provides Photoprotection against UV-Induced Erythema and Improves Skin Condition in Women

(Not as catchy as Chocolate as Sunscreen, but pretty much the same thing.)

Chocolate is Delicious. And Protects Us from the Sun???

Obviously, I immediately imagined smearing myself in chocolate, but the study is actually much more fascinating than that (and has a conclusion that you’ll like more).
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What’s So Bad About Soy? Don’t Asians Eat a Lot of It?

What's So Bad about soy

I’ve talked about legumes before.

They’re definitely not the worst things you can eat, but you certainly don’t want to make them a big part of your diet.

However, soy (which is a legume), along with peanuts, is probably the most problematic legume you can eat.

Why Soy is So Unhealthy

Like other legumes, soy is generally low in nutritional density compared to many other foods (veggies, meat, fruit, etc.).

It also contains various proteins which tend to irritate the gut.

However, there are 2 issues that are particular to soy:
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Is Stevia Paleo? 5 Reasons Why Stevia Isn’t Paleo

is stevia paleo?

You’ve probably heard about this rave “all-natural” practically zero-calorie sweetener called stevia (if you don’t know what it is then read this article). But is stevia Paleo?

Can you safely add it to all your baked goods, coffee, and tea, and be healthy while doing it?

That’s what this article will delve into.

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