The Scientific Way to Get Your Kids to Eat Their Veggies

The Scientific Way to Get Your Kids to Eat vegetables

This is an age-old problem.  

What four-year-old really wants to eat his or her vegetables?

Apparently, a large portion of the children in this study decided that they did:

Conceptual Change and the Potential for Increased Vegetable Consumption

How To Get Your Kids to Eat Their Veggies

The researchers in this study got some of the kids to voluntarily double their vegetable intake during snack times.  

How did they do it?
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Is Cheese Off-Limits on a Paleo Diet? – Is Cheese Paleo?

Is Cheese Off-Limits on a Paleo Diet?

I get questions all the time about different kinds of foods that may or may not be Paleo.

Mostly, it’s about foods that are either in a grey area or else are just sort of exotic.

On the other hand, though, certain types of dairy come up often, and cheese is one of them.

Cheese Is One of the Last Foods I Ever Gave Up

It took me many years.

I could (and will) write an entire article on all the different types of dairy and all the concerns with it, but here are the main considerations:
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You’re Going to Love This. How to Use Chocolate as Sunscreen!

chocolate as sunscreen

Yeah, I really couldn’t resist writing about this study as soon as I saw the title:

Long-Term Ingestion of High Flavanol Cocoa Provides Photoprotection against UV-Induced Erythema and Improves Skin Condition in Women

(Not as catchy as Chocolate as Sunscreen, but pretty much the same thing.)

Chocolate is Delicious. And Protects Us from the Sun???

Obviously, I immediately imagined smearing myself in chocolate, but the study is actually much more fascinating than that (and has a conclusion that you’ll like more).
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What’s So Bad About Soy? Don’t Asians Eat a Lot of It?

What's So Bad about soy

I’ve talked about legumes before.

They’re definitely not the worst things you can eat, but you certainly don’t want to make them a big part of your diet.

However, soy (which is a legume), along with peanuts, is probably the most problematic legume you can eat.

Why Soy is So Unhealthy

Like other legumes, soy is generally low in nutritional density compared to many other foods (veggies, meat, fruit, etc.).

It also contains various proteins which tend to irritate the gut.

However, there are 2 issues that are particular to soy:
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Is Stevia Paleo? 5 Reasons Why Stevia Isn’t Paleo

is stevia paleo?

You’ve probably heard about this rave “all-natural” practically zero-calorie sweetener called stevia (if you don’t know what it is then read this article). But is stevia Paleo?

Can you safely add it to all your baked goods, coffee, and tea, and be healthy while doing it?

That’s what this article will delve into.

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Ancient Japanese Superfood Will Change Your Life

Ancient Japanese Superfood Will Change Your Life

It’s been described as “strings of soy slime.”

But don’t let its pungent smell, sticky texture and musty taste (which some just call “interesting”) turn you off.

Natt? is anything but nasty when it comes to enhancing your health.

All About Natto

Although made from soy, which Paleo usually says is a no-go, natto is a special kind of soy.

As a nutrient-dense traditional food that originated in Japan, it’s made from whole soybeans that have been soaked, then boiled or steamed and then fermented.

The bacterium strain used in the soybean fermentation is Bacillus subtilis natto, and it takes the soybeans from ho-hum legumes to a potent food supplement with high levels of vitamins and other beneficial qualities.

For the moment, if you’ll suspend natto’s lack of aesthetic appeal, check out…
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What is the Difference Between Raw Honey and Honey?

what's the difference between raw honey and honey

This is an excellent question, but let’s get something straight first.

Honey is barely Paleo to begin with.

Sure, your ancestors would have eaten whatever honey they could have gotten their hands on, but they didn’t find it very often.

More importantly, honey is still predominantly sugar.

Sugar is not toxic in small amounts, but honey – like any other form of sugar – is very easy to overeat.

Honey, Raw or Otherwise, Should Be Used Sparingly

The difference between raw honey and honey that raw honey is not pasteurized or processed (and is usually not filtered).
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Is This Healthy, Paleo Food Sabotaging Your Fat Loss?

paleo nuts weight loss

You eat all (or mostly all) Paleo foods.

You feel much better, and you’re committed.

But you’re still not losing the fat you want to.

3 Reasons Nuts Can Be a Problem

Clearly, our ancestors ate nuts pretty much whenever they found them.

So nuts have a good starting point.  And yet, nuts can be dangerous in several ways:
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6 Reasons to Get More Ghee in Your Life

6 reasons to get more ghee in your life

TO BE FAIR, there is no shortage of delicious oils with which to cook. From Coconut Oil to Duck Fat to Lard, the choices are all yummy, to say the least.

Why, then, would you ever venture out, particularly to a fat like Ghee, that many people have never cooked with in their lives?

Well, I’ve got 6 excellent reasons. First, though, just a bit about Ghee:

What the Heck is Ghee?

Ghee is nothing more than a class of clarified butter.

Clarified butter is made by heating butter to the point that the milk solids (mostly the proteins) and the water separate from the fats (which become the clarified butter).

Ghee is made around the world, but it’s particularly popular in south Asia (India and Pakistan most notably). Ask any Indian or Pakistani about ghee, and you’ll get an immediate nod of recognition.

With that in mind, here are 6 reasons to get more ghee in your life

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7 Reasons to Eat More Salmon (with Recipes)

7 reasons to Eat More Salmon

Behind shrimp and canned tuna, Salmon is the most consumed seafood in the United States . Around here, we know just how delicious a well-prepared piece of salmon can taste (or if you’re too lazy to cook your own salmon, you can buy ready-to-eat salmon snack packs). But, did you know that there are…

7 Big Ways That Salmon Can Improve Your Health

  1. High in Omega-3s.  Between 15-30% of the fats in Salmon are Omega-3 fats, which is higher than 99% of other foods.  Not only that, but almost all of the Omega-3 fats in Salmon are the good kinds (DHA and EPA) that your body can’t produce on its own. [Read more…]

Are Beans Paleo?

are beans paleo?

Pinto, lima, garbanzo, pea, kidney, lentil…no doubt you recognize at least some of these popular names for people’s favorite legumes.

But exactly what is it about beans that manages to capture everyone’s attention? Many tout the protein and fiber content of legumes as a major benefit, not to mention the variety of tastes and options that beans provide. Since they’re so popular, should those following a Paleo lifestyle hop on the bean bandwagon?

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Types of Sweet Potatoes (With Images) and Why You Should Eat Each

Sweet Potato Varieties

Confused about the types of sweet potatoes?

I lived on this island off the Southern coast of China for 3 months, and I partially survived on sweet potatoes(in addition to salted duck eggs, roasted duck, and fresh fish!).

One of the things that always bothered me when living in China was I couldn’t tell what type of sweet potato I was buying. My friend, who is living in Okinawa, expressed the same problem. So, when we discussed our favorite sweet potatoes (I know, it’s the sort of geeky conversation foodies indulge in!), we’d result to laborious descriptions of what the skin looked like, what color the flesh was, how sweet it was, etc.

So, when I spotted these 5 types of sweet potatoes in Whole Foods the other day, I decided to document these sweet potatoes with photographs and notes!

Here are the results (note accurate nutritional data on each type of sweet potato was difficult to obtain so please use it with a grain of salt):
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