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Review of Navitas Raw Cacao Nibs

Written by Louise Hendon on July 5

I’ve always LOVED chocolate (to the point where I used to pity a classmate who was allergic to chocolate – how did she survive those teenage years without chocolate??).

So, naturally, cacao nibs piqued my interest when I found them in Whole Foods, especially when I saw that they had 0g of sugar in them.
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Review of Paleo Meals To Go

Written by Louise Hendon on June 15

Dawn, one of our readers, and her son recently started this amazing Paleo food company, and I was lucky enough to have gotten the chance to try her creations!

If you’re looking for easy Paleo meals to store at work, to take on flights, or even to take camping, then please read on.
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Paleo Soda Drinks – La Croix

Written by Louise Hendon on May 19

I was one of those rare kids who didn’t like soda. The bubbles always made me burp, and I couldn’t ever manage to finish an entire can of coke.

That all changed when I got to law school. One of my best friends there was addicted to diet coke (even she called it an addiction).

I wasn’t drinking coffee during that period and needing caffeine to stay awake during law school, I also turned to diet coke.

I’m happy to say that I haven’t had a diet coke for years now, but on a hot summer day, it’s still the drink I crave!

Luckily, that same friend gave up diet coke as well and recently, she introduced me to a new soda, La Croix, which contains only Paleo ingredients!

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Review of Go Raw Cookies – Cookies that Grow in the Ground

Written by Louise Hendon on April 5

Jadah West is the Executive Editor of Paleo Flourish Magazine. She’s also the founder of Salted Paleo. When not running Paleo Flourish Magazine, Jadah loves to spend time at the beach, at her beloved CrossFit, and working as a model.

Apparently (and somewhat bizarrely), if you plant a cookie from Go Raw in the ground, then it will grow.

My guess is that it doesn’t grow a cookie-tree, which is sad.

I’ve always wanted a cookie-tree…

review of go raw cookies chocolate flavor
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The Wild Diet – Book Review

Written by Louise Hendon on March 25

Book Title:

The Wild Diet
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Book Author(s):

Abel James

Overview of Book:

Written by Fat-Burning Man weight loss personality Abel James, this book is an overview of his program for losing fat rapidly, naturally and permanently. The book is broken up into very comprehensive sections beginning with general education and information. It then transitions into specific what to dos and what not to dos and lists broken down by specific food type. Finally, it wraps up with a comprehensive plan to get you started.
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