Is Cheese Off-Limits on a Paleo Diet? – Is Cheese Paleo?

Is Cheese Off-Limits on a Paleo Diet?

I get questions all the time about different kinds of foods that may or may not be Paleo.

Mostly, it’s about foods that are either in a grey area or else are just sort of exotic.

On the other hand, though, certain types of dairy come up often, and cheese is one of them.

Cheese Is One of the Last Foods I Ever Gave Up

It took me many years.

I could (and will) write an entire article on all the different types of dairy and all the concerns with it, but here are the main considerations:
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Paleo Cookie Dough Brownie Bites Recipe – Guest Post

Paleo Cookie dough brownie bites recipe

This recipe for Paleo Cookie Dough Brownie Bites was brought to you by Camilla Maybee, food enthusiast and lover of all things chocolate. Her blog, The Not So Desperate Housewife, shares her love of cooking and experimenting with all types of dishes, cuisines, and mash-ups. Check it out!

During the holiday season, it is absolutely mandatory to consume chocolate several times daily.

This is a fact. If you didn’t, you would clearly not be normal.

So how ‘bout a rich, fudgey brownie topped with a sweet, buttery mound of cookie dough?
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“I Am What I Eat” – A Loss of Tradition – Guest Post

I am What I Eat

Alessandra Wall is a practicing psychotherapist and holds a Level One CrossFit certificate working from CrossFit Elysium. She has been a featured speaker at PrimalCon gatherings and blogs regularly at Life In Focus.

What do adopting a new diet, culture, identity and grief have to do with one another?

The Merriam-Webster and the Oxford dictionaries define grief as deep sorrow, especially relating to the death of someone. While this definition is adequate, I feel it is incomplete. Grief is in fact the sense sadness and mourning associated with any kind of loss: loss of a loved one, loss of a cherished object, or loss of context or habit.

When we choose to adopt new and healthier dietary habits, we give up foods and practices that have shaped our identity.

When we choose to adopt new and healthier dietary habits, we give up more than health issues and unwanted fat. We give up foods and practices that have shaped our identity, our histories and our culture. Grief is a natural by-product of the losses we face when we make changes. For some, the inability to recognize the loss, process it and bridge the gap between old and new practices is the barrier that prevents them from sustaining change over time.

Back in May of 2009 I made my first foray into the world of Paleo. Stuck with some extra baby weight and unable to make it vanish with exercise alone, I decided to try it. My plan was to adopt Paleo for a month or so and then go back to my “everything in moderation, Mediterranean-based” way of eating, which had so far worked well for me.

To my great surprise and later chagrin, Paleo worked wonders; not only did I lose the baby weight, I felt better, performed better at the gym, had more sex drive, my rosacea was finally abating, and I had more overall energy and mental clarity. With such positive outcomes, why was it that I found myself fighting this choice, circumventing what I knew worked, and feeling sad at the prospect of a lifetime of Paleo?

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How Do I Eat Healthy and Paleo While Traveling

How Do I Eat Healthy and Paleo While Traveling

I’ve been Paleo for a very long time. Around 9 years at the time I’m writing this.

And at first, it was very hard for me. But after 3-4 years, it just got easier and easier.

But one thing never seems to get easier.

Traveling is the Hardest Part of Staying Healthy

I love traveling.

In fact, Louise and I often live on the road, without a permanent home. So you can imagine that we travel a lot and face this problem all the time. Check out Louise’s posts of her Top 10 Paleo Snacks For Air Travel here.

It’s also the most popular question I get asked, along with how to eat out well.

How to Stay Healthy and Paleo While Traveling

The most crucial thing you can do is to pack food that you can take to keep you full and not tempted to eat junk.

This may vary from person to person, so I’m going to tell you what we do:
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Paleo On A Budget – Book Review

Paleo On A Budget Cookbook

Book Title:

Paleo on a Budget
Click here to purchase this book.

Book Author(s):

Elizabeth McGaw

Overview of Book:

Paleo on a Budget is exactly what it professes to be – a guide to Paleo eating with an awareness of budget and bottom line costs. It includes essential lists for stocking your pantry, how to prepare ingredients ahead to save time during a busy week, and outlines and illustrates a whole host of simple, easy to make meals to take you through everyday eating. Many recipes come with tips about money and time savings and preparation instructions to ensure your success along the way.
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You’re Going to Love This. How to Use Chocolate as Sunscreen!

chocolate as sunscreen

Yeah, I really couldn’t resist writing about this study as soon as I saw the title:

Long-Term Ingestion of High Flavanol Cocoa Provides Photoprotection against UV-Induced Erythema and Improves Skin Condition in Women

(Not as catchy as Chocolate as Sunscreen, but pretty much the same thing.)

Chocolate is Delicious. And Protects Us from the Sun???

Obviously, I immediately imagined smearing myself in chocolate, but the study is actually much more fascinating than that (and has a conclusion that you’ll like more).
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Natural Alternatives to Sunscreen: Can You Use Coconut Oil?

coconut oil sunscreen

I’ve heard that Pacific Islanders have used coconut oil as sunscreen for many thousands of years.

However, I’ve never been able to find any solid evidence of this.

And over the past few years, this study from India has also been discussed a lot.

In that study, however, coconut oil was shown to block only about 20% of the UV radiation from sunlight. For reference, SPF 15 sunscreen blocks about 94% of UV radiation.

So on the basis purely of how much UV radiation is blocked, coconut oil appears to be a very poor sunscreen.

Natural Alternatives to Sunscreen

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What’s So Bad About Soy? Don’t Asians Eat a Lot of It?

What's So Bad about soy

I’ve talked about legumes before.

They’re definitely not the worst things you can eat, but you certainly don’t want to make them a big part of your diet.

However, soy (which is a legume), along with peanuts, is probably the most problematic legume you can eat.

Why Soy is So Unhealthy

Like other legumes, soy is generally low in nutritional density compared to many other foods (veggies, meat, fruit, etc.).

It also contains various proteins which tend to irritate the gut.

However, there are 2 issues that are particular to soy:
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Indulge – Book Review

Indulge Grain-Free Desserts

Book Title:

Click here to purchase this book.

Book Author(s):

Carol Lovett

Overview of Book:

Indulge is a cookbook specifically geared towards desserts. It covers basics including switching ingredients, icings and how to’s. The 70 recipes featured take the reader all the way from pies to cakes and from bars to cookies. An introductory chapter shares information and tips about ingredients, baking and preparation and storing ingredients. A single page on switching ingredients provides a great tool for the ‘I want to make but don’t have any’ days that we all have.
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What’s the Difference between Paleo and Clean Eating or a Real Foods Diet?

What's the Difference between Paleo and Clean Eating or a Real Foods Diet?

Depending on where you live, what you watch and/or read, and who you talk to, you might hear about many different ways of eating that seem to be the same or very close to Paleo.

And, to be fair, there may or may not be any difference.

It’s almost impossible to pin down every single type of diet/eating plan that comes along.

More and more of the most effective plans/diets are extremely close to Paleo.


Mostly because it’s what works.

Paleo Versus “Clean Eating”

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Favorite Bloggers: Empowered Sustenance

lauren geertsen - empowered sustenance

The Blog

Empowered Sustenance

The Blogger

Lauren Geertsen

Her Story

Lauren, although still very young, possesses a world of wisdom when it comes to health and nutrition.  And much of that knowledge has been fueled by struggles with her own body and health.

Luckily for both her and for the rest of us, she was able to heal her body and learn and share a lot of great information and stories in the process.
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Is Stevia Paleo? 5 Reasons Why Stevia Isn’t Paleo

is stevia paleo?

You’ve probably heard about this rave “all-natural” practically zero-calorie sweetener called stevia (if you don’t know what it is then read this article). But is stevia Paleo?

Can you safely add it to all your baked goods, coffee, and tea, and be healthy while doing it?

That’s what this article will delve into.

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Ancient Japanese Superfood Will Change Your Life

Ancient Japanese Superfood Will Change Your Life

It’s been described as “strings of soy slime.”

But don’t let its pungent smell, sticky texture and musty taste (which some just call “interesting”) turn you off.

Natt? is anything but nasty when it comes to enhancing your health.

All About Natto

Although made from soy, which Paleo usually says is a no-go, natto is a special kind of soy.

As a nutrient-dense traditional food that originated in Japan, it’s made from whole soybeans that have been soaked, then boiled or steamed and then fermented.

The bacterium strain used in the soybean fermentation is Bacillus subtilis natto, and it takes the soybeans from ho-hum legumes to a potent food supplement with high levels of vitamins and other beneficial qualities.

For the moment, if you’ll suspend natto’s lack of aesthetic appeal, check out…
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Favorite Bloggers: The Domestic Man

russ crandall - paleo blogger - the domestic man website

The Blog

The Domestic Man 

The Blogger

Russ Crandall

His Story

Russ Crandall writes that his life was “pretty boring” until 2005. Then, he had stroke at age 24, caused by something his doctors never figured out.

Recovering from that, just a few years later, he was facing a rare autoimmune condition that narrows the pulmonary arteries. With rotating hospital visits, major surgeries and after being put on some scary drugs, he was looking for other forms of help.
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The Grain-Free Snacker – Book Review

The Grain-Free Snacker

Book Title:

The Grain-Free Snacker
Click here to purchase this book.

Book Author(s):

Carol Lovett

Overview of Book:

Filled with more than 70 grain free chips, cookies, munchies and more, this is one cookbook that will satisfy the snack cravings of both the kids and adults in your home. The recipes cover appetizers, after school snacks, lunches, afternoon munchies and breakfasts on the go. Many of the recipes in the book are recognizable and familiar but offer variations on the treats you either grew up with or have shared with your own family that will satisfy both your taste buds and your desire to eat healthier. As a Paleo cookbook, the recipes use wonderfully simple and natural ingredients and are easy to prepare. An early chapter called Introduction to Ingredients gives you some basic information and tips for using the listed ingredients that will ensure your success in the kitchen.
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