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Paleo Is….?

Louise Hendon | December 31
What is Paleo?

Happy New Year to everyone. As we pass into a new year and a new set of resolutions, I pondered (rather philosophically) over exactly what is Paleo? This is actually a question I get asked a lot (and I’m sure if you’re Paleo, you’ve probably gotten asked it plenty of times too), and I never seem to have a quick simple answer (like an elevator pitch) because it means so many different things to me all at once. So, I decided to sum it up once and for all for everyone.

Now, it’s over to you…What does Paleo mean to you?

Sasha - March 17

Love your summary! Especially the part on believing in real science, and not dietary myths! I’ve studied (and followed) the Paleo regimin for months now and not only feel the best I’ve ever felt, but am a total believer. It blows my mind that it’s not more embraced…and that wheat-based foods, processed “low-fat” foods, etc are still considered “healthy” choices. Love your blog!

JoAnne - June 19

Only been doing this since April. To me paleo means becoming like a caveman. They did not have all the diseases like we have now. They ate simply not with all the chemicals. So for me it is eating food in a more natural state. Through this I will feel better because I know I am doing something good for my body. It is not a diet but will become my lifestyle and the reward will be a happy body.

Salixisme - August 20

Great summary – thanks.

I especially liked the part that you included about believing real science rather than dietary myths.

I am a scientist (I have a degree in physiology and nutrition and a doctorate in nutritional biochemistry) and I seriously think that this is the most physiologically sound way of eating – it works with our bodies physiology rather than against it.

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