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Paleo Kids and Paleo Vegetables – How to Get them to Love Each Other

Jeremy Hendon | July 9

A lot of kids are unhealthy these days.

I was way ahead of that curve.

Yes – I was the fat kid in school. I say that now without any real regret or pity for myself. It was pretty bad at the time, but I got through it, and I managed to turn out OK. (I think…)

And although she didn’t eat all that healthy herself, my mom really did try to get me to eat well. She cooked most of my meals, packed my school lunches, and tried to convince me to eat better foods.

I was stubborn and rebellious about it, though. I’d sit at the table all night long if she told me I couldn’t get up without eating my vegetables.

So what is a Paleo parent to do?

Getting Your Kids to Eat Their Veggies

This is an age-old problem. What 4-year-old really wants to eat his or her vegetables?

Apparently, a large portion of the children in this study decided that they did:

Conceptual Change and the Potential for Increased Vegetable Consumption

The researchers in this study got some of the kids to voluntarily double their vegetable intake during snack times. How did they do it?

They simply got the kids to read books about nutrients and how eating a variety of foods is a good thing. When the kids read the books, they not only got more interested and more knowledgeable – they also started eating more vegetables.

Pretty darn cool, if you ask me.

Takeaway: Make being Paleo and eating well fun and interesting for your kids. Get them to read about nutrition, to cook with you, and to garden, if that’s something you do. It gets them more interested and more likely to choose to eat healthier.

Being Paleo Can Be Fun For Kids

I don’t have kids yet, so I’d love to hear from you. How do you make Paleo more fun for your kids? Do you have certain books that they’ve loved? How about cooking and farming?

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Tara S - July 9

Eat Like a Dinosaur (by Paleo Parents), of course…my daughter picks out what she wants to make and we make it! We drove out to an organic strawberry farm and she LOVED it…we grow herbs in pots…she loves to water them. She is attending my GF’s college biology class (summer…no childcare) where they are talking a LOT about nutrition…the midget is taking her own notes! She has finally started to see that we aren’t full of crap. There are other sources out there reinforcing what we teach her about nutrition.

Jeremy Hendon - July 9

Tara, I don’t have kids, but I love that book (and Stacy and Matt). I also love hearing about kids getting into food, farming, and health. So exciting to give them a good base to work from.

Niamh - July 10

I have 2 children. My 6 year old daughter eats like a dream, will try everything and will even push past the “I don’t like it” if she knows it’s a “superfood”. We call lots of food “superfood”; avocado, bacon (it just is) etc. Then there’s my 2 year old boy who’s not fooled by cauliflower rice, almond milk, non-oat porridge or any of the substitutions that we’ve made since going Paleo in the last 9 months or so. Bizarrely he’s more involved in food sourcing/preparation etc than my daughter ever was. In summary folks, it sometimes just comes down to he kids personality. All we can do is try our darndest.

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