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Real Life Paleo Meal Plan: Day 1

Louise Hendon | February 12
paleo meals day 1 chicken broth and chili

People often wonder what Jeremy and I eat on a daily basis, so here it is! We’re going to keep track of what we eat and drink daily here as a sort of photo food diary (I already forgot to photography the sides at dinner, but hopefully I’ll get better about remembering)!!

We slept in today (too tired from so much traveling over the past few weeks). Jeremy slept around 13 hours, and I slept 11 hours! So, it was pretty much lunchtime when we got up.

The slowcooker had been going all night, so we woke up to grass fed beef chili (recipe here), and homemade chicken broth (recipe here).

This was the slow cooker making the chicken broth last night.
thai chicken broth

Later, I had 2 cups of coffee (one cup was the Ultimate Paleo coffee – recipe here – and the other cup I had black).

Then, I had an afternoon “snack” of Chicken Watercress soup (recipe coming) using the chicken broth we had made last night.
chicken watercress soup paleo aip

For dinner, we had leftovers from the pork cabbage and apple stew (recipe coming) we cooked the night before along with sides of sautéed green beans and sautéed spinach. Below is a photo of the pork cabbage and apple stew (I forgot to take a photo of the sides).

pork cabbage and apple stew paleo recipe

Additional food prep – I put a batch of grass fed beef bones into one of the slow cookers to make bone broth (recipe here), and I put the chicken bones back into the other slow cooker to make more chicken broth (recipe here).

CW - February 13

Great idea! The hardest part is menu planning so thanks for your input – it will help!

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