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Real Life Paleo Meal Plan: Day 2

Louise Hendon | February 13
Real Life Paleo Meal Plan: Day 2

We started the day off a bit late again. Trying to get back to a good sleeping schedule tonight! The slow cooker had been going, so more chicken broth (recipe here) seemed to be a good start. We also finished off more of the leftover chili (recipe here) and made some beef sautéed with zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, and salt (it was a modified version of this recipe here).

vegetables paleo

beef sauteed with vegetables paleo

paleo lunch

Then it was bone broth time (after a cup of coffee). I like to make my bone broth with very little salt in it so that everyone can add in their own salt to taste. I’ve really enjoyed using Real Salt (it has a rounded flavor rather than a sharp salty flavor perhaps because of the other minerals in it).

paleo bone broth

Dinner was a bunch of different things (there were 5 of us eating, so I had to make a fair amount of food). Several of the dishes involved bacon since I had cooked 4 lbs of bacon earlier in the day (I like to cook a large batch all at once and then store in the fridge).

There were bacon cups filled with avocado salad and egg salad (recipe coming):
paleo bacon cups

A bacon and egg romaine lettuce salad (recipe coming):
a simple paleo egg and bacon salad

And lemon Brussels sprouts sautéed with sweet potatoes and topped with bacon and crumbled eggs (recipe coming):
lemon brussels sprouts with bacon and sweet potatoes

We also finished off more of the chili (recipe here):
paleo chili

I decided to just keep both slow cookers going continuously so that there would be chicken broth and bone broth all the time (I just top it up with more water and vinegar when it starts to get low at night). So, we also had a bowl of chicken soup: I combined the chicken broth and the beef bone broth and added in some of the chicken meat (from making the chicken broth yesterday) along with some fresh cilantro.
paleo chicken soup

Lastly, there was a side of small boiled potatoes (this article explains why potatoes Paleo), which I had with a bit of ghee.
paleo potatoes

paleo ghee

After dinner snack: I had a small piece of 70% dark chocolate.

Sheila - February 13

My mouth is actually watering…my my…the beef stir fry, and then the lemon brussel sprouts combo…I’m adding these to my Paleo pinterst right this minute…thanks so much. I live in Illinois, so it is winter here and I am sure missing my fresh veggies from my own back yard, have to buy stuff shipped from the west coast, but I’m thankful to have it….thanks again and am enjoying your meal postings with your lovely photographs..

John - February 13

Louise – your food looks amazing, as usual. I am inspired to make bone broth right now! Again I am always delighted not only by your delicious food but also your scientific rigor. The linked article on potatoes was excellent. I have had this debate many times with people but hopefully they can see that in moderation, like everything else, potatoes are a great homemade paleo food.

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