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Category Archives for Paleo Restaurant Reviews

Paleo Food Delivery – Review of Kettlebell Kitchen

Louise Hendon | October 4

I wish Kettlebell Kitchen had been around when I was still living in NYC!

We arrived back in New York City in September tired but happy from our stay in Edinburgh for the summer. We were only going to be in New York for a week before heading to California, but I was excited to see the city again and to catch up with some good friends.

What made our stay in New York even more exciting was the Kettlebell Kitchen delivery we got the first day!

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Eating Out Paleo – Review of The Restaurant at the Rosedale, Portree, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Louise Hendon | July 26

It’s often tough figuring out what to eat when you’re on vacation, and I’ve definitely had to put up with non-Paleo food or fasting on vacation before. However, Scotland has been pretty easy to stay Paleo!

My parents came to visit us in Edinburgh a few weeks ago, and we drove up to the Isle of Skye for a quick weekend tour. Not only was the scenery absolutely amazing (take a look at the some of the photos below), but the food was superb too!

We didn’t make any reservations or do any research – many of the B&Bs and restaurants were all fully booked, so we just wandered into the Restaurant at the Rosedale Hotel because they had a table free.
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Paleo Friendly Restaurants in NYC – Hu Kitchen

Louise Hendon | June 18

Paleo Friendly Restaurants in NYC – Hu Kitchen

While there are many Paleo friendly restaurants in NYC, there aren’t many places where you can just order pretty much blindly anything off the menu and still be overjoyed at eating delicious and Paleo food! Hu Kitchen, on 5th Avenue, is the only place in NYC where the entire menu is pretty much Paleo (from the cooking oils to the no-grains)!

I know the name sounds like some random Chinese restaurant, but the Hu actually stands for Human, and they don’t serve any Chinese food!

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