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Paleo Salad Dressings from Nature’s Palate – Paleo Product Review

Louise Hendon | September 13
paleo salad dressings from natures palate product review

I met Darren, one of the co-founders of Nature’s Palate (now Broya Living), a few months ago in Toronto at an entrepreneur conference. It was a really small conference (100 people), so I was shocked to find someone else running a Paleo business. Apparently Paleo is really popular these days!

Nature’s Palate is a food company focusing on quality ingredients and amazing tastes while making eating healthy easier, and so I was really excited when Darren shipped me some of their salad dressing all the way from Canada.


paleo salad dressings from nature's palate

Why Conventional Salad Dressing Isn’t Paleo

Most of the salad dressings you see in the store isn’t considered Paleo. The main offending ingredient is canola oil, sunflower oil, or some other vegetable/seed oil. If you want to read more about why those oils are so awful for you, then this article explains it.

That’s why I haven’t bought any salad dressings in many many years.

Paleo Salad Dressings

I have made my own Paleo salad dressings though, but they don’t keep for very long and I’m generally too lazy to make it all the time. Instead, I’ll often stick to olive oil and balsamic vinegar for my salads. However, that gets a bit dull after a while, which is why I love having bottles of Nature’s Palate salad dressing sitting in my fridge.

Nature’s Palate currently makes 3 flavors of Paleo salad dressings: Bacon Caesar, Honey Mustard Glaze, and Butter Chicken Sauce. They’re made from real ingredients and are 100% Paleo! Because they’re using fresh ingredients, these dressings only last for 2 months (but I think most of us can finish a bottle in 2 months!).

This is the list of ingredients in the Bacon Caesar salad dressing: Olive Oil, Water, Pasteurized Egg Yolks, Red Wine Vinegar, Anchovy Fillets, Honey, Garlic, Pure Lemon Juice Concentrate, Bacon, Black pepper, Sea Salt, Dijon Mustard, Mustard Seeds, Cayenne

Here are the ingredients in the Honey Mustard Glaze salad dressing: Water, Amber Honey, Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Amino (Coconut Sap, Sea Salt), Mustard Flour, Mustard Seeds, Sea Salt, Sesame Oil, Spices

And here’s the list of ingredients for the Butter Chicken Sauce (yes, there’s real grass fed butter in it!): Water, Grass Fed Butter, Onion, Pure Tomato Paste, Ginger, Garlic, Pure Lemon Juice Concentrate, Spices, Sea Salt, Cilantro

paleo salad dressings from nature's palate

Where Can You Find These?

Nature’s Palate salad dressings can be found in various stores around the Toronto area right now, but they’re looking to expand into stores around the US and other parts of Canada. So contact them here with requests that it be stocked in your local store. ¬†They’re also planning¬†to launch their online store in December!

Support Paleo Food Companies

While I love cooking when I have time and I believe cooking is an essential part of the Paleo lifestyle, I’m still so grateful for every single Paleo food company that makes my life just that tiny bit easier.

I wish that I could one day walk into a supermarket and just grab good healthy prepackaged foods off the shelf without having to scour the ingredients list. So, I hope you’ll join me in supporting all the great Paleo food companies out there who are helping to make that wish become reality.

paleo salad dressings from nature's palate

Disclaimer: I received bottles of salad dressing for free for review purposes. I received no other compensation, and this review is based on my own opinion. Note that some links on this page (and throughout this website) are affiliate links.