Paleo Snack Bars – Epic Bars

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What is an Epic Bar?

Think protein bar crossed with soft, tender jerky and dried fruits. Instead of using extracted protein powder to create a protein bar, Epic bars are the real thing! Real protein from real meat made into a paleo snack bar!


How are Epic Bars different from jerky?

Unlike jerky, Epic bars are super tender – it’s almost like biting into a Cliff bar! There’s no crunch, no chewiness – just pure deliciousness. There’s the perfect amount of meat and dried fruit for a nutritious and satisfying salty sweet snack.

What are the flavors for these Epic Bars?

These Paleo snack bars currently have 4 flavors (the lamb flavor is new):
Bison Bacon Cranberry
Turkey Almond Cranberry
Beef Habanero Cherry
Lamb Currant Mint

What are the ingredients in Epic Bars?

You can find the exact ingredients for each bar on their website, but it’s basically meat, dried fruita, nuts, lactic acid (not from dairy), celery powder, sea salt, and some spices.

Where can I buy these Paleo Snack Bars?

You can buy them online or at a bunch of different stores across the US and on Amazon. Check out their handy website to search for the nearest location to you.

How much do they cost?

On Amazon, it’s $30.99 for a case of 12. I recall buying a whole case of Epic bars at PaleoFX one year for a slight discount, but I generally pay $3.59 per bar at a New York City store. These are so delicious, I’m willing to pay for them when I see them in a store (and no one asked me to write this review – I just like these bars that much!).



  1. says

    These are tasty. I didn’t try the beef (stock up if you can find them, they go quickly). Personally, I didn’t care for the lamb, but I don’t like lamb + mint anyway. Turkey was my fave. I agree with you about the texture. I’m not a fan of jerky and was hesitant to try these, but am glad I did. They are in my arsenal for travel food when I don’t have time to prep my own. (I prefer my own, but … well… reality)

    Have you tried Exo or Chapul? I can’t quite bring myself to do it…..

  2. joanna says

    I tried the lamb one last week but noticed there is a film in my mouth after every bite. It gets stuck on my teeth and the roof of my mouth. Does that happen to you? I had to drink water between bites and brush my teeth afterward because it was making my mouth slimy. Not sure I will buy them again since it wasn’t a pleasant eating experience.

    • says

      That’s odd :( I haven’t tried the lamb one unfortunately. I generally stick to the bison one.

    • Damon says

      Yes! I’m eating a lamb bar now, and Googled it along with “tongue coating” to see if it was a common experience. Your note, here, and an Amazon review both mention it. I’ve had the beef and the bison bars, and neither of them coated my mouth like this. Not sure I can finish it… although I’m at least encouraged to believe that, if others are noting this, maybe it’s less likely to be some kind of industrial teflon leakage accident?