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PaleoFX 2013 Roundup

Louise Hendon | April 1
paleofx roundup

This post could actually be titled “BEST BRISKET IN AUSTIN”…but I thought I would save that for next year when I’ll hopefully get to drive down to Lockhart again (the brisket center of the world)!

This weekend (Thursday through Saturday) was PaleoFX in Austin, TX – a gathering of cool Paleo peeps from all walks of life and some from abroad too (I met lots of Canadians and Brits). It was also a weekend filled with lots of fun, eating, drinking, and occasional Paleo-cheats (like 2 Mac Attacks from Paleo Treats, a few scoops of Lick coconut ice-cream, and a delicious frozen banana from Bananarchy – more on these later!).

In between the bouts of eating, there were informative talks on the cutting-edge science behind Paleo, fitness training sessions by some of the best trainers around, cooking demos from fabulous Paleo bloggers and chefs, and of course lots of hugs and handshakes from old and new friends.

So who did I get to listen to, who did I get to meet, and most importantly, WHAT DID I GET TO EAT?

No conference would be fun without cool vendors offering yummy foods to taste and buy. Here are some of my favorites at PaleoFX.

These Mac Attacks were simply way too delicious not to eat! And to make them even more delicious (question if that’s possible), I spread some coconut ghee (50% coconut oil, 50% grassfed organic ghee) on it!

In case you don’t know what Mac Attacks are, they are a soft scone/cookie made from shredded coconut, egg whites, honey, cacao powder, cacao nibs, and vanilla extract. Nom!

PaleoFX Austin Pure Indian Foods Ghee
It was a real honor to meet Mr. Agarwal, whose family has been making grass-fed ghee (which is a clarified butter) for 5 generations. Currently his wife makes all the Pure Indian Foods ghee that they sell! I only had carry-on luggage with me this trip, but I knew I could get this ghee from

PaleoFX Austin Pure Indian Foods Ghee
It was also nice to meet another food manufacturer whose products are being featured in Rich Food Poor Food (Louise’s Foods is also featured in there).

PaleoFX Austin Epic bars
These are not your traditional energy bars pumped full of protein powder (not that I have anything against good protein powder, but that’s for another post); these are full of meat, dried fruits, and nuts. I loved the moist jerky Epic puts into the bars with a hint of sweetness from the dried fruits. They have 3 bars that are about to be launched (a 100% natural turkey one, a 100% grass-fed beef one, and a 100% grass-fed bison one).

If you love chocolate spreads, then you’ll love this! It’s like nutella, but without the nuts. The ingredients in this wonderful Lovebean Raw Fudge Cream are: raw coconut oil, raw coconut nectar, raw cocoa powder, and raw vanilla bean powder. The coconut oil made it a really nice creamy chocolate taste that just leaves you wanting more and more! This is a dangerous jar of yumminess.

Paleo conferences could also be called “Paleo Celebrity-fest” – it’s the chance to meet all your favorite Paleo scientists, bloggers, and authors IN PERSON! Here are some that I managed to snap:

PaleoFX Austin Paleo bloggers
Getting BBQ with Todd from, Stefani from, Stacy and Matt from, and Jeremy from and

And here’s a whole bunch of Paleo authors (or Paleo authors-to-be):
PaleoFX Austin Paleo bloggers

Bill and Haley from the Food Lovers Kitchen are being interviewed (probably about their amazingly beautiful book, Gather):
PaleoFX Austin Paleo bloggers

Paul Jaminet from and author of one of my fav books on Paleo, the Perfect Health Diet, Dr. Terry Wahls, the author of Minding My Mitochondria, and Cate Shanahan, author of Deep Nutrition and Food Rules with Michelle Norris, one of the organizers of PaleoFX:
PaleoFX Austin Paleo bloggers

Here’s Nora Gedgaudas from and Dan Pardi from on a panel on the Psychology of Change – Mastering the Mind with Abel James Bascom from as the moderator:
PaleoFX Austin Paleo bloggers

I also got to meet a fellow Brit – the very cool Darryl Edwards from
PaleoFX Austin Paleo bloggers

And of course, there were tons of cooking demos from Michelle at, Sarah Fragoso from, Diana from and more, including Simone Shifnadel from, who made this classic San Fran cioppino (going to be trying this soon!).
PaleoFX Austin Paleo bloggers
PaleoFX Austin Paleo cioppino

Then there were all these other great people that I didn’t manage to capture on camera: Steve and Jordan from SCDLifestyle, Ben from, Jack from, Kendall from, Evan from, SoWrongFitnesss (the stranger that bought us lunch), Joshua from, Danielle from (she is in one of the photos up there), Alex from, Russ from, Jimmy from, Kelly from, Hamilton Stapell, and Steve from Phew – that was a long list, and I’m sure I’ve forgotten someone!

I’m sure this is what you’re all waiting for – I know I was really excited about the food in Austin. So, here’s a round-up of some the amazing places I got to eat at:
La Barbecue: brisket, short ribs, pulled pork and more, all served out of a food truck!
PaleoFX Austin Paleo bbq
PaleoFX Austin Paleo bbq

Live Oaks Barbecue: a casual restaurant (that closes at 8pm) serving some amazing brisket, pork steak, and even lamb!
PaleoFX Austin Paleo bbq

Wholly Cow Burgers: they have “the Fit Cross (Paleo Burger)” made with a grass-fed burger sandwiched between 2 portabella mushroom caps with bacon, pickles and mustard.
PaleoFX Austin Paleo wholly cow burgers

Lick Ice Cream: ice cream made from grass-fed cows and some that are diary free made using coconut milk. I got the coconut milk one with avocado curd (it was so good that I came back for more!).
PaleoFX Austin Paleo LICK ICE CREAM
PaleoFX Austin Paleo LICK ICE CREAM
Or if you are Clifton Harski, then you can also get an entire pint of ice cream to eat in one sitting:
PaleoFX Austin Paleo LICK ICE CREAM

Bananarchy: frozen bananas dipped in chocolate and toppings (I got the coconut flakes). Needless to say, it was DELICIOUS!
PaleoFX Austin Paleo bananarchy

Not really sure there is a conclusion to this post – except to encourage everyone to go out and enjoy life and have some Paleo FUN (preferably in the SUN)!

Jenny - April 3

Awesome recap! Love the food pics as well. I look forward to attending next year for sure =)

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