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Primal Toad’s Chocolate Vanilla Coconut Smoothie

Jeremy Hendon | July 6
Primal Toad's Chocolate Vanilla Coconut Smoothie

This week has been exhausting. Blogher12 took a lot out of me last weekend (read the post here), and this weekend (starting this morning actually), it’s the Ancestral Health Symposium over in Boston!  I am sadly not going, but my better half is, so I’ll be getting updates regularly!

There’s a lot of news that I want to share (e.g., I got engaged last week), and there are a lot of things “in the works” (including a Free App in addition to my already Free iPad e-book) as well as a bunch of recipes I want to put up, but I’m going to start with this simple Primal Toad smoothie from the Toadally Primal Smoothies book.  It’s FREE from so you can get the recipe there.

It makes a really quick and thick smoothie!  I followed the recipe exactly (excepted that I used chocolate protein powder and added in some vanilla extract instead.

Great way to start the morning!