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Quick Paleo Snack – Coconut Pieces

Louise Hendon | September 2
Quick Paleo Snack coconut pieces

This is a short post about these easy Paleo snacks – coconut pieces. They’re literally just the meat from the inside of ripe coconuts chopped into small pieces.


What Are Coconut Pieces

This is just the coconut meat from a fresh coconut (not dried into shreds or flakes). The meat is removed from the hard shell of the coconut and chopped into small chunks.

They’re ready to eat – they are crunchy but moist and are quite filling as a snack. Note that coconut pieces do go bad quickly, so consume right after you open the package and make sure the coconut pieces are crunchy still.

coconut pieces

Where Can You Buy Coconut Pieces?

I found these in the UK just a few weeks ago, but I’ve heard that they’re being sold in the US as well now.

They’re available in the refrigerated sections of Sainsbury’s and Asda and Tesco and cost around £1 for a small 100g package.

In the US, they’ve been spotted in some Whole Foods. You can also buy your own brown coconut from stores and chop it up to get at the coconut meat inside (but it’s quite a bit of work). You’ll also find that the insides of brown coconuts will be a bit gooey as they’ll have more of the juice around.

Have You Bought Coconut Pieces?

If you’ve bought coconut pieces, then please let us know where in the comments below.

Jack Sims - November 9

Hi there, not sure if you saw the recent write up about our Tiger Nuts in Paleo Magazine. They’re actually tiny tubers that taste like coconuts, so munching on them is like eating coconut pieces! Tiger Nuts are paleo-certified and really satisfying due to their great taste, high fiber content, and nutritional density. They’re low GI, GMO-free, and organic to boot. Curious much?

Check them out at or at many fine health food stores across the US ( see “Store Locator at ).

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