Real Life Paleo Meal Plan: Day 11

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Breakfast: Getting up at 6am is not my forte (especially after not sleeping well all night). So, a cup of bone broth on-the-go (recipe here) seemed perfect.

bone broth

Lunch: Pineapple Sausages (from Costco) with Fried Eggs. I poured myself another cup of Bone Broth and also drank a cup of Ultimate Paleo Coffee (recipe here).

pineapple sausages with eggs

Afternoon Snack: Not getting enough sleep and being highly stressed (a meeting in the morning had gone particularly badly) even for a short time clearly wrecks havoc on my mind and body, and I gave in and bought a bar of dark chocolate when I was in Walgreens.

Dinner: Prawns sauteed with spring onions (scallions), cucumbers, and ginger (recipe coming), asparagus eggs with lemon zest (recipe coming), and Chinese spare ribs (recipe here).

paleo dinner

After dinner relaxation: I finished the day with some more bone broth and nice long soak in the bathtub with lavender bath salts while watching White Collar!


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