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Real Life Paleo Meal Plan: Day 14

Louise Hendon | February 26
paleo meals day 14

Breakfast: It’s always tough getting up on a Monday morning, so I needed a cup of Bone Broth (recipe here) and a cup of Ultimate Paleo Coffee (recipe here). If you’ve been reading my daily meal updates, then you’ve probably discovered a pattern in what I have for breakfast! In fact, my biggest worry about traveling to Napa on Tuesday is my lack of bone broth! (Jeremy usually has something different like scrambled eggs, fried eggs, or leftovers for breakfast. My parents always have an avocado and a boiled egg each for breakfast.)

Lunch: I was feeling creative, so we had Paleo Chicken Kiev with Brussels sprouts and Paleo Garlic Chicken Nuggets (Jeremy’s comment about it was: “Wow, everyone is going to love this!”) and Homemade Paleo Ketchup. (Click on the recipe name for the full recipe.)

paleo chicken kiev

Paleo Garlic chicken nuggets

Afternoon snack: Paleo Popcorn Shrimp made with Homemade Cajun Seasoning.

paleo popcorn shrimp

Dinner: This was a smattering of leftovers thrown together, including a shrimp omelet with leftover shrimp from the popcorn shrimp, Paleo beef saute (made with beef that had been braised in the oven earlier), bone broth soup with Japanese radishes, and a bit of leftover popcorn shrimp.

paleo dinner

Leslie Strobel - August 20

I can’t wait for your recipe for the paleo popcorn shrimp and paleo garlic chicken nuggets and kiev!
They look amazing!

    Louise Hendon - August 20

    Thanks Leslie – those recipes are published, and I’ve just updated the post to link to them 🙂

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