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Real Life Paleo Meal Plan: Day 19

Louise Hendon | March 6
paleo meals day 19

Finally back at home, I slept in and rested.

Lunch: I slept through breakfast and went straight to lunch with Baked Rosemary Salmon (recipe here) and some green beans.

paleo lunch salmon and green beans

Dinner: Although we try not to go out to eat when we’re at home, we succumbed this time and headed to a local Korean restaurant. I ordered the Galbi and Jeremy got the bulgogi (both have a sweet marinade, which isn’t great, and we had it with some white rice). My dad, who is diabetic, got one of the soups instead. I was actually still a bit hungry when I got home and had a bowl of beef stew (using beef cubes cooked earlier and some random vegetables).

korean galbi

Tea: I wanted a herbal tea when I got home, and so I concocted my own with peppermint and rooibos using one of these handy teapots for loose tea.

paleo herbal tea