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Real Life Paleo Meal Plan: Day 20

Louise Hendon | March 7
paleo meals day 20

Another day of traveling, this time to Houston via Denver.

Breakfast: Jeremy and I both had an early breakfast of leftover beef stew before heading to the airport.

Lunch: Eating on flights or at the airport is definitely not conducive to a Paleo diet, and so we typically pack snacks for the trip. This trip, I took some turkey sticks, 100% dark chocolate from Tcho, a small tub of ghee, some 70% Lindt chocolate, and some leftover sprouted trail mix I had picked up at the Napa Whole Foods. Plus I took a small tub of coconut oil to use as moisturizer, face cleanser, and eye makeup remover.

Dinner: The part of Houston we were staying in was pretty suburban and our food choices at 9pm on a Sunday night were pretty limited. In the end we decided on Texas Roadhouse, a chain restaurant specializing in steak and buckets of peanuts (you can throw the peanut shell onto the floor). Jeremy and I both went for combos: I got the Sirloin Steak with Ribs, and Jeremy got the Pulled Pork with Ribs. For sides, we both got steamed vegetables and a sweet potato.

texas roadhouse paleo

Made to Glow - March 27

I just wanted to thank you for turning me on to TCHO dark chocolate! I tried it after reading about it on your blog and LOVE it. I’m so happy to find unsweetened dark chocolate that actually tastes good. The only downside is its expensive, but I’m going to ask if my local Whole Foods will start to carry it to cut down on the shipping costs. I’ve started to dip them in a bit of nut butter… divine. Thanks!

    Louise Hendon - March 30

    Amazing!! I took it on my trip to asia with me, and I’m sooooo glad! 🙂

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