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Real Life Paleo Meal Plan: Day 6

Louise Hendon | February 18
paleo meals day 6

I spent most of today processing over 1500 photos that I took in India! I felt like I was going blind after the process. My other great achievement of the day was teaching my mum and uncle how to use Instagram and Tumblr AND getting Jeremy to eat 10 pieces of grassfed beef liver! Phew!

Breakfast/Lunch: Ropa vieja from the slow cooker (recipe here) that had been cooking overnight along with a bowl of the roasted rosemary vegetables we cooked yesterday. Jeremy ate some of the leftover carrot crab hash (recipe coming) and the apple pecan Brussels sprouts (recipe here) as well.

Dinner: A simple dinner of lamb stewed with Japanese radishes and regular radishes, bone broth (recipe here), and grassfed beef liver (dipped in tamari sauce).

We picked up some grassfed beef liver at Whole Foods the day before.

grassfed beef liver

Food Prep: We stuck a pork butt into the slow cooker (recipe here).