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Real Life Paleo Meal Plan: Day 8

Louise Hendon | February 19
paleo meals day 8

Today was packed: DMV in the morning, rock climbing at Planet Granite, Goodeggs pickup, and Whole Foods shopping in the afternoon and evening. There was also quite a lot of recipe posting and cooking in between all of that!

Breakfast: Jeremy reheated the leftover Braised Cardamom Pork & Cabbage (recipe coming really soon!), and I had an Ultimate Paleo Coffee (recipe here).

I also tried some of the famous Blue Bottle Coffee (my friends from SF had gotten me a bag) later in the day. It was really smooth with some nice fruity notes. Quite good!

blue bottle coffee three africans

On the way home from the DMV, we picked up some fresh farm eggs (the benefit of living pretty much in the countryside!).

farm eggs

Lunch: I threw together a quick Beef Curry (with green beans and napa cabbage) using some leftover braised boneless beef shortribs (it was a simplified version of this recipe here).

paleo beef curry

Goodeggs, if you’re not familiar with them, is a farm-to-home delivery service. So we ordered a variety of products (grass-fed beef bones, duck rillettes, kombucha, forest-raised ground pork, fermented sauerkraut) from several different farms/local artisan producers, and then picked them up from the Goodeggs van at the Google campus (that was the closest pick-up location to us). Goodeggs is now in a variety of different cities, so check out their website to see if it’s near you!


And these are the famous colorful bikes at the Google campus:

Google campus

Dinner: We picked up some fresh tilapia, mussels, and scallops at Whole Foods and used them to make a quick Coconut Seafood Soup (recipe here). It’s really easy and really fast! We also steamed some lobster tails (recipe here), which is also really fast! After hearing Sarah Ballantyne talk about just how ridiculously nutritious seafood is (especially shellfish), we’ve been trying to incorporate more and more of it into our diets!

For side dishes, we opened up the fermented sauerkraut (from True Family Foods) we just got from Goodeggs and made a quick napa cabbage and Japanese radish stew. Dinner was cooked in about 30 minutes!

Paleo dinner

For drinks, we tried the new True Family Foods Grape Kombucha that we got from Goodeggs (it was really refreshing and wasn’t as sour as most kombuchas). It definitely has the refreshing “soda” texture that they advertise!

true family foods grape kombucha

After dinner snack: I enjoyed a few pieces of Tcho’s 99% Dark Chocolate Critters (this has been one of my favorite Paleo snacks for a while, and my father, who is diabetic, loves them too!). I purchase them from Whole Foods (for cheaper than on Amazon), but they’re also sold on Amazon here.

tcho 99% dark chocolate

Food Prep: Both the slow cookers are going tonight: there are grassfed beef bones (with some onions, carrots, ginger, garlic, apple cider vinegar, and salt) in one slow cooker making bone broth and a whole chicken in the other slow cooker making chicken broth (recipe here).

Alexandra @ Made to Glow - February 19

What a lovely day of food. Your beef curry looks delicious! I’m so glad you told us about those dark chocolate critters – I need to get my hands on a pack! Would you say you like them better than normal cacao beans?

    Louise Hendon - February 19

    Yes – they’re 100% chocolate, but they have a much better flavor than other 100% chocolates I’ve tasted (not as bitter with fruity notes).

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