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Real Life Paleo Meal Plan: Day 9

Louise Hendon | February 20
paleo meals day 9

Breakfast: Jeremy started the day with Pork and Pineapple (recipe here) using the last of the slow cooker pork (recipe here). I started with just an Ultimate Paleo Coffee (recipe here).

Lunch: I made a quick Chicken and Cauliflower rice using the chicken meat from the whole chicken I put into the slow cooker last night (recipe here). I made a “white rice” version of this recipe here using 1 head of cauliflower, some garlic and ginger, and 2 hard boiled eggs cut up. Then, the chicken and the “white rice” was placed on each plate and everyone added their own hot sauce, tamari sauce, and/or salt.
paleo chicken and rice

We had a lovely time in the afternoon meeting Shauna from Gluten-Free Girl, Patrick and Charissa from Zest Bakery (where we met), Sabrina from The Tomato Tart, and Chris from Mele Cotte.

It was simply too tempting standing in a gluten-free bakery, so I went for a brownie and Jeremy got the chocolate chip cookie. Delicious! Now, I understand why everyone raves about Zest Bakery! I’m hoping they come out with more Paleo treats soon too!

zest bakery

zest bakery

Paleo Flourish Magazine, Ancestral Chef, Gluten Free Girl, Zest Bakery

Dinner: I was really hungry after lifting at the gym (first time lifting since we went to India), and so I hustled up a quick kitchen sink Salmon Stew (recipe here), made with a mixture of bone broth and chicken broth from the slow cookers, and some Fajitas with Beef and Liver (recipe here).

paleo salmon stew and beef and liver fajitas

Evelyn - February 20

Hi Louise,

Do you have any tips for the slow cooker chicken? Mine falls apart so much that its almost an entire project to pick out all the bones afterwards. I’ve heard of people making slow cooker chicken and then using the carcass for broth, but mine falls apart so much that there’s like a handful of bones left!

    Louise Hendon - February 20

    Hi Evelyn – I would suspect that your slow cooker is getting too hot or else you’re leaving it on for too long? My chicken does fall apart very easily, but I don’t stir it while it’s in the slow cooker, so when it’s time to take out the meat, I just get some tongs (or forks) and carefully pick out the meat (takes around 5 minutes). Then I leave the bones and there might be some meat I missed in the slow cooker (with some more water) to keep cooking for more broth.

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