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Paleo Deliciousness in a Bar: Review of RAWNOLA Bars

Louise Hendon | October 5
Earthling Organics Rawnola Bars Reviewed

Jadah West is the Executive Editor of Paleo Flourish Magazine. She’s also the founder of Salted Paleo. When not running Paleo Flourish Magazine, Jadah loves to spend time at the beach, at her beloved CrossFit, and working as a model.

Over the past few years, it’s become increasingly popular to add fats into coffee. Various cultures around the world (Tibetans for instance) have been doing this for centuries, but it’s caught on very quickly in US, especially among those in the Paleo community.

However, I happily tried their RAWNOLA bars, hoping to find another great Paleo product.

Rawnola Graphic 4


After opening the variety box, I quickly glanced through the flavors: Vanilla, Goji, and Cacao.

I selected goji and flipped over the label to read the ingredients: Organic Coconut, Organic Almonds, Organic Goji Berries, Organic Figs, Organic Real Raw Agave Nectar, Sun-Dried Sea Salt, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Vanilla Bean.

All honorable ingredients. I was a little bit disappointed by the use of agave nectar (raw honey or pure maple syrup would be preferable). Nevertheless, being rigid never made any friends, so I decided to try them out.
Rawnola Graphic 2


Oh my, deliciousness!

These bars are the closest thing to a “real” granola bar I’ve eaten since I started Paleo years ago.

I tasted each of the flavors and had not one iota of disappointment. Crunchy, a little crumbly (but not so much it falls apart after each bite), and full of flavor. I shared them with non-Paleo friends who were equally as satisfied with RAWNOLA.

However, the ultimate test was a three-year-old’s palate. As it turns out, he approved without hesitation, even asking for more.

While most companies’ bars have particular flavors that stand out as one better than the rest, I truly enjoyed all three flavors (I still can’t pick a favorite). The coconut taste is predominant in all of the bars but not overwhelmingly so.
Rawnola Graphic 3


Earthling Organic’s RAWNOLA bars are $2.49 each, and they’re available in a bulk variety pack.

If you don’t mind the agave nectar, then I highly recommend these high quality organic bars.

Rawnola Graphic 1

Disclaimer: I received a pack of Earthling Organics Rawnola Bars for free for review purposes. I received no other compensation, and this review is based on my own opinion. Note that some links on this page (and throughout this website) are affiliate links.