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A Simple Day

Louise Hendon | November 2
paleo scrambled eggs

I feel like I’ve just been cooking, cooking, and cooking some more! My stocked up fridge (stocked before Hurricane Sandy hit) is practically empty now, and so yesterday we went simple.

As you can see, brunch was scrambled eggs, but it wasn’t just any ordinary scrambled eggs! I’m not talking about adding smoked salmon or anything fancy into the eggs, I’m talking about cooking the eggs a la Gordon Ramsey style!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then take a look at this video! You don’t have to add the cream or even the butter – coconut oil is fine (although I definitely think it tastes better with butter here (just saying)) – but it’s the slow stirring and not adding the salt too early that makes all the difference. I love just how creamy this makes the eggs! If you’ve seen this before, then you’ll know that the eggs are just simply delicious. (Ignore the comments about needing bread with the scrambled eggs…)

Just a note: the eggs may seem a bit too runny to you because you might be so used to over cooked scrambled eggs, but of course you do need to make sure your eggs are cooked!

After the initial egg excitement, I sat back and watched the traffic build up across the bridge into Manhattan (while doing some work of course). What a sea of red!

Manhattan Traffic

Dinner was some salmon soup again (recipe here) while catching up on Sunday’s episode of Revolution.

paleo salmon soup

Watching Revolution after so many people on the East Coast lost power this past week made our dependence on power even more poignant. And to everyone who lost power over the weekend, I’ve heard that some of the power may be back up this weekend. I hope everyone who is without power or who has encountered flooding is staying safe and warm.