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Storm Watching – Part 2

Louise Hendon | October 29
hurricane sandy 8am new york

It began in earnest around 8am this morning (Monday Oct 29th), and it began with a bang (probably my flower pot knocking rudely against my window). The wind was howling through the cracks of my balcony door, and every few minutes the windows and doors rattled ominously. With such an awakening, there was clearly nothing to do except to get up and check on the chilli that was happily bubbling away in my crockpot.

Paleo Chilli

The weather gradually worsened as more and more reports of damage across the city emerged. But we were safe, dry, and warm indoors, enjoying our paleo bread (recipe here) dunked into our bowls of chilli.

Paleo Chilli and Paleo Bread

Well, we were mostly safe, dry, and warm…

We did venture out for a walk down to the East River around 7pm. As I stepped outside, I expected to be blown away with every gust but found the wind surprisingly mild, although clearly most of the leaves had been blown off the trees already.

Hurricane Sandy Leaves

I didn’t risk taking my nice new Nikon D7000 camera with me, so that’s why the photos aren’t quite so great.

I thought I was the only crazy person walking around in the middle of a hurricane, but clearly plenty of other people thought it was a good time for a stroll too! There was nothing too dramatic by the bridge. The East River was very choppy, but no flooding, and no fearful gusts (at least not right then).

Hurricane Sandy New York Bridge

The wind did pick up later in the evening, and as I saw on the news and observed from my window, most of the bridges around NYC were shut down. Well, when else would I be able to take such a photo of an empty bridge?

Hurricane Sandy 9pm Monday

Everything is rather calm outside right now (10.30pm) although the lights keep flickering like some crazy haunted house. Here’s hoping there’s enough power for me to publish this article!

Kristina - October 30

Glad you are safe and sound and powered. I hope it stays that way! And great pics – that bridge one is amazing! Also, I need to try that bread recipe. Looks super yummy and easy!

    Louise Hendon - October 30

    Thanks Kristina! Just heard that a lot of the city lost power already. Glad I’m all stocked up on candles. That bread recipe is great – as long as the microwave is working 🙂

Hamilton Courtney - October 31

Looks gorgeous, both the storm and the chilli.

Good luck to all those affected by sandy!

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