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Storm Watching

Louise Hendon | October 28

I’m all stocked up for Hurricane Sandy. A Costco trip yesterday, and a local grocery trip today. Now, all I have to do is sit and wait for the storm to roll in with my camera handy.

The only ‘storm preparations’ I haven’t done yet is to bring my poor potted plant indoors and to fill my bathtub up with water (in case there’s a water shortage and toilets can’t be flushed, or so I’ve been cautioned!).

Food is luckily most definitely not going to be a shortage at my place. In fact, I’m sitting here with quite a full stomach as I type. We just had a late lunch of salami, baked salmon, and salmon soup (yes, that’s salmon 2 ways, because J likes the Rosemary Baked Salmon, and I like the Salmon Soup!).
Paleo Salami
Paleo Baked Salmon
Paleo Salmon Soup

If you’re on the East Coast of the US, then I hope you’ll be staying dry over the next few days! Let me know if you cook up anything fun while you wait for the storm to pass or if you get any great pictures of the storm. Hoping there won’t be too much damage to everyone’s property!