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Do You Have a Delicious Paleo Recipe?

We are only accepting original Paleo/AIP/Keto recipes for the blog (i.e., recipes by you that have not been published elsewhere on the internet), so if you have a recipe that fits, then please use the form below to submit it to us. We will of course fully credit you as the creator of the recipe and link back to your blog/social media if you wish.

After you submit the recipe, we’ll email you for 1-3 of the best images (or a video if you recorded one). All recipes must be fully Paleo (no grains other than white rice, no legumes, no dairy, no processed sugar, and no seed or vegetable oils). If you’re unsure, feel free to submit, and we’ll let you know if it fits.

If you want to submit a Guest Post, please use our Article Submission Form, and if you want to submit a success story, please use our Success Story Submission Form.

Here’s the Form to Submit a Recipe: