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Update on New Giveaway – 26 Spices!

Louise Hendon | March 7
Spice Giveaway

If you’ve read any of my recipes, then you’ll know that I love spices! I’ve actually been meaning to do a whole post on all the spices I have stashed away in my cupboard (there are a ton!). In fact, I buy some spices in 1 lb bags now because I use them up so fast.

One of the main problems with spices, though, is that they can be really expensive, especially if you’re just starting to cook and don’t have an extensive collection yet. Well, let me tell you about how you can WIN one of 50 sets of 26 spices (ranging from ground cumin to ground cloves to smoked paprika) from Cooking Planit. Yep – they’re giving away 50 sets of these spices…and here’s how you can win one of these sets…

Spice Giveaway

So, how do you enter?

I’m one of 50 bloggers that will be running a spice giveaway, and my giveaway will start on March 23rd. But, you can enter the giveaways on the other 49 blogs too, some of which have already started! Here’s the complete list, so get entering and Good Luck!!

Giveaway Starts: Giveaway Ends: Blogs More Blogs
1 3/6/13 3/12/13 Sophistishe Field and Feast
2 3/7/13 3/13/13 The Wicked Noodle The Cooking Planit Blog
3 3/8/13 3/14/13 The Aliso Kitchen Slow Down & Savor
4 3/9/13 3/15/13 Chicago Foodie Sisters Jessiker Bakes
5 3/10/13 3/16/13 My Happily Ever After the End The Food Yenta
6 3/11/13 3/17/13 Notes from Maggie’s Farm Food Fash
7 3/12/13 3/18/13 My Kitchen Addictions What Jew Wanna Eat
8 3/13/13 3/19/13 Bite Sized Blog Nicole’s Nickels
9 3/14/13 3/20/13 A Busy Mom of Two Food Squeeze
10 3/15/13 3/21/13 Kasey’s Kitchen Kitchen Concoctions
11 3/16/13 3/22/13 Daily Ups & Pounds Lisa Cooking
12 3/17/13 3/23/13 Ditch the Box Huppie Mama
13 3/18/13 3/24/13 Hungry Hutch Food Fetish
14 3/19/13 3/25/13 Cook the Blog Three Diets. One Dinner
15 3/20/13 3/26/13 Sugarfoot Eats Gear Live
16 3/21/13 3/27/13 CopyKat Recipes The Mouthy Housewives
17 3/22/13 3/28/13 Burnt Apple The Butterfly Mom
18 3/23/13 3/29/13 The Mama Report Ancestral Chef
19 3/24/13 3/30/13 A Food Centric Life We Like To Cook
20 3/25/13 3/31/13 Dixie Chik Cooks Baby Boomster
21 3/26/13 4/1/13 Unorganized Mommy of 3 Much Ado About Fooding
22 3/27/13 4/2/13 Better with Butter The Primlani Kitichen
23 3/28/13 4/3/13 Mother Would Know California Country Gal
24 3/29/13 4/4/13 Yi Reservation NY Foodgasm
25 3/30/13 4/5/13 ME Redone Creative Cullinary

Disclaimer: Please note this giveaway is sponsored by Cooking Planit. I am not paid to promote it, but the 26 spices I will be giving away will be provided by Cooking Planit and Spices Inc. (they will be shipping it directly to the winner). If you have any questions or issues about any of the spices in the giveaway that I will be running, please feel free to contact Cooking Planit and Spices Inc.

All images are courtesy of Emily Wilson and Cooking Planit.

Rachael - March 7

I’m glad to be part of this event with you, and I hope everything goes wonderfully! 🙂

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