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Giveaway! Win $75 Gift Certificate to US Wellness Meats

Louise Hendon | August 6
US Wellness Meats Giveaway

I’ve been a fan of US Wellness Meats for a while! And you can see the recipes I prepared using US Wellness Meats products here: Bison Pineapple Chili, Beef Wellington, and Beef Bacon Mash Bowl.

US Wellness Meats has a ton of great products geared toward Paleo – from grassfed beef (and a ton of other meat!) and wild-caught seafood to Paleo snack beef sticks, trail mix, snack bars, and sugar-free bacon (which is practically impossible to find elsewhere)!!

And what’s perhaps even better is you can buy everything from their website and have it delivered frozen to your door (it’s Paleo made really easy!). Note – they ship only to the US.

So, here’s your chance to win a $75 gift certificate to spend on Paleo goodies. Good Luck!!

Win a $75 Gift Certificate to US Wellness Meats

Disclaimer: US Wellness Meats provided the prize for this giveaway. Links on this website may be affiliate links.

Linda Williams - August 6

I don’t have a facebook account not do I follow Twitter. Does that mean that I’m not eligible to enter the giveaway?


    Louise Hendon - August 6

    Hi Linda – you can still enter by signing up to US Wellness Meat’s newsletters (they’re quite good – I subscribe to them!).

Jenn - August 6

This sounds great! Thanks, Louise! Hope I win. 🙂

Roseann White - August 6

Going Paleo after doing Jeremy’s 7 day challenge! Louise I love your receipes. Thanks for doing all that hard work. Please keep me on your web site.
Thank you,
Roseann White

Katharyn - August 7

We have been eating organic for soe years now an no are trying to eat all pastured ruminant and cage free fowl now but it is soon expensive. Of course it is going to be pricier than purchasing standard meats but is Wellness meats any mo thrifty than buying sat Whole foods (which by the way does have sugar free bacon- only costs the fingers from your left hand 🙂

    Louise Hendon - August 7

    Thanks Katharyn – I’ll have to look harder for the sugar-free bacon at wholefoods (or perhaps my one just doesn’t carry it). I find US Wellness Meats prices to be pretty average for quality meats and seafood – I personally like it for the convenience and the huge amounts of choice they have (I find it hard to get a lot of the types of meat elsewhere).

Sandra Clark - August 11

I have a family of eight and have been following a Paleo diet for about a year. I also find it very challenging to stay within a reasonable budget for quality meats. I do buy from US Wellness because the quality is so good. I have a huge hunk of meat I bought 15lbs. defrosting in my refrigerator right now. From what I remember it was about $7 a pound. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it though. I’m thinking I’ll cut it up for roasts and stews. I will probably have to refreeze some portions. Any ideas would be welcome! We buy our chicken at Costco. Its organic but not pasture fed. Thats the best we can do for right now. I am also trying to learn how to make broths and stews and such in a more efficient and stream lined way because I have to cook in large amounts and have limited time. Any suggestions for this also would be so welcome! I really need to get a handle on this because I have 6 kids and I homeschool and school starts really soon, then I won’t have time to figure it out. ;0

    Louise Hendon - August 12

    Hi Sandra – a slow cooker is fantastic for this! Or even better, 2 slow cookers 🙂 That way, you just chop up the meat and vegetables, add some chicken broth or water or bone broth, and then set the slow cooker to cook for 8 hours. That’s a stew! In the other slow cooker, you can put in the entire chicken with some salt and celery, and make chicken broth.

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