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7 Reasons Why I’m Glad People Stare At Me

Louise Hendon | August 26
staring eyes - vibrams

In New York City, your goal during the day is to get from A to B without any incidents.

So one of the first things you learn is to never stare at anyone and never to make eye contact! Only tourists and seriously curious people ever deviate and make that rookie mistake.

So why am I getting stares left and right as I walk down the crowded streets of New York? Am I so ugly that I merit the attention of self-obsessed New Yorkers?

I soon realized that they were all staring at my feet! Yep…hot pink vibrams worn by an Asian girl in a suit definitely deserves attention.
paleo shoes - vibrams
(I even took engagement photos with vibrams on!)

I have been stopped more times than I can count by random strangers asking me if “those things on my feet” (they always point and refer to them as “those things”) are comfortable.

So here’s 7 quick reasons (other than being a conversation starter) why I’m glad people stare at my vibrams and why you should also wear vibrams and be stared at (basically this is a Vibram review):

    1. Never miss a bus/train/ride

They’re so easy to walk/run/take stairs in.

    1. No more back and knee pains

This is one of my favorite reasons for why I wear them. I’ve had chronic knee problems for almost a decade (various sport injuries couples with decades of tottering everywhere in heels). But my knees never hurt when I wear vibrams. I’ve heard similar stories about chronic back pain vanishing with vibrams.

    1. Feel stability

With some many hassles and pains in life, it’s nice to know that when I’m standing on a jerky crowded subway, I will always feel completely stable even if my mind doesn’t mirror my body. (I contacted Vibram Five Fingers to see if they’d make me a white pair for my wedding. Sadly, the answer was no, but I’m still considering wearing some vibrams for the reception so I don’t have to worry about tripping or my feet getting tired on my big day.)

    1. Improved posture

Vibrams are designed to simulate barefoot walking, which is the natural way we were designed for. That’s why I naturally stand and walk with more correct posture when wearing them.
paleo shoes - vibrams

    1. Easy to clean

The main downside to vibrams is that they can get smelly if you don’t wash them because you’re often wearing them without socks. However, you can just throw these into the washing machine, which is definitely not something I can do with my heels (they just have to go into the trash!)?

    1. Light packing

Vibrams weigh practically nothing and can be squeezed into a small space. Perfect for traveling!

    1. One pair for everything

So one shoe does it all. Vibram sells several different kinds for different occasions, but I’ve found their general use one to be perfect. And if you buy them in black, you can also wear it to work!

And just to let you know, I have zero affiliation with the company, and there are no affiliate links in this article (i.e., I get nothing from writing this article). I just happen to like my shoes 🙂

Do you wear Vibrams?

Let me know in the comments below if you wear vibrams or what you think of them.

Images: Copyright (c) Tambako the Jaguar.

Justin Baker - September 8

5 fingers aren’t the only minimalist shoes. There are plenty of closed to minimalist shoes that give you the same barefoot feel without the weird looks. Vivobarefoot has some good casual minimalist shoes.

    Louise Hendon - September 8

    Thanks Justin – you’re totally right. There are lots of minimalist shoes, and I also have a pair of Xeroshoes. I just happen to like Vibram the best currently.

Salixisme - September 24

I do wear vibrams at home, and when doing casual stuff (mine are purple), but I didn’t think they were professional enough for a healthcare setting. (no one wants to look down through the face-cradle of a massage table and see their therapist’s toes, even if they are contained in bright coloured shoes). I wear a pair of Merrel Pace gloves (they are minimalist as well) at work as I can get away with the runners look, just not the bright coloured toes, and even black ones would not work in my opinion.

    Louise Hendon - September 24

    Totally understand – I couldn’t wear them around an office either (it was just something I could wear to work and then change).

Roz - March 16

I can’t wear them as my 2nd toes are (much (MUCH)) longer than my big toes – if I bought Vibrams in the correct size for them, none of my other toes would have a home 🙂 I did see an article by a bloke who was “adjusting” a pair using a vice, pliers & a hot air gun, but I don’t fancy trying that with a pair of £100+ shoes! So I’ll stick to my Merrells (& baseball boots!)

    Louise Hendon - March 17

    Yes – that’s definitely a problem I’ve noticed about their shoes. They assume ppl’s toe sizes decrease from the big toe down. My second toe is a tiny bit longer than my big toe, so I can still wear their shoes without any issue.

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