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Print is objectively better than digital in just about every way, and according to our brains, stories contained on paper are more real than even those same stories stored on digital devices. Digital devices don’t provide the tactile feedback that print books do and this feedback is important, perhaps even imperative, for the mental reconstruction of a story.

Today, we need all the real we can get. We need to slow down. We need to disconnect. And not just a little bit, not just “here and there.” We need to make the time for sustained, deliberate periods of disconnection. Real is at the core of what the Paleo lifestyle is about. Real people, real food, real relationships, real movement, real nature. Why not real magazines too?

I invite you to get real with us and subscribe today.

Recipes, Recipes, Recipes!

Over 25 delicious gluten-free and grain-free Paleo recipes in each issue


diet + nutrition

Guidance, tips, articles, (did we mention recipes?)


Functional fitness & the importance of play

latest research

Breakdowns of the latest in nutrition research

and so much more!

The Benefits Of Print Media

Understand what you read better with print.

Students who read text in print have significantly better reading comprehension than those who read text digitally.

Print is better at focusing on what you’re reading.

When you read via digital screens, you tend to “multi-task” and are less likely to be able to focus on digitally formatted text.

Print is better for your sleep.

Digital screens can negatively affect both your sleep as well as how alert you feel the next morning.

Reading print is a more enjoyable overall experience.

There is something special about being able to physically turn the pages, dog-ear them, highlight important text, and jot down notes to yourself in the margins.

Print is less physically and mentally taxing than digital.

Prolonged reading on glossy screens can cause eyestrain, headaches, and blurred vision.

Paleo Magazine is the only publication for those that are serious about the Paleo diet and lifestyle!

I love that Paleo Magazine collaborates with leaders in the Paleo and other health-conscious communities to bring up-to-date, evidence-based information and practical, everyday solutions to its readers.

Paleo Magazine is your one-stop shop for all things Paleo!

Armed with beef jerky, seeds, nuts, small berries and a loincloth, I wait with baited breath by the mailbox for each issue of my precious Paleo Magazine, often camping for days with animal skins and primitive spears to survive until the mag arrives. Once I get my dirty, probiotic-soiled hands on the latest issue, I dive in with fervor - digesting the latest ancestral health research, mouth-watering, guilt-free recipes, and entertaining stories from the Paleo community both near and abroad. I can't recommend Paleo Magazine highly enough, even if you're not man enough (like me) to carry it from your driveway to your house in barefeet over sharp rocks and thorns. You'll still get plenty out of each issue anyways.

Paleo Magazine has been a staple in my home and around my business since I founded figureFIT! in 2014. Not only do I love the articles, the recipes are absolutely amazing!

The Paleo and ancestral health concepts have transformed the lives of millions of people world wide. The premiere information source for nearly a decade has been Paleo Magazine.

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Start your journey to better health

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